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‘Law of the Jungle’ Yoga Goddess on the sea Seol-in-ah Hand-tasting Fishing →

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Law of the Jungle In-ah Seol (Photo = Broadcast screen capture)

Actor Seol In-ah has been reborn as a jungle custom goddess.

Seol In-ah appeared on the SBS entertainment program’The Law of the Jungle-Pent Island: Island of Desire’, which aired on the 29th, and realized his imagination.

On this day, Seol In-ah teamed up with Choi Seong-min and Yoo-sung to go fishing with bamboo plastic bottles. As the challenge that was not as easy as imagination continued, In-ah Seol showed the presence of the’Hunting Goddess’ by catching the song with only the sensation of her fingertips without a plastic bottle.

After that, Seol In-ah, who showed his skillful axing without hesitation, was admired by getting the nickname’In-ah Strength’ from the members of the’Law of the Jungle’.

In addition, Seol In-ah, who was soaked in the taste of grilled abalone and red sea ginseng, showed a steamed reaction that he forgot to manage his facial expressions, and showed perfect adaptation to the jungle.

The next morning, In-ah Seol started making a raft to realize the imagination of’water yoga on a raft’. By meticulously weaving the basin, bamboo, and buoys with the knot method learned directly from Kim Byung-man, he completed a high-quality raft by showing his skills as a professional.

Receiving the expectations of everyone in one body, Seol In-ah, who climbed atop a rubber raft, quickly balanced her and showed overflowing space, completely realizing the desires in her imagination. The family laughed happily to In-ah Seol, who showed high-level techniques from arch posture to swallow, tree posture and downdog split with an excellent sense of balance.

Following the’Hunting Goddess’ and’Jungle Goddess’, Seol In-ah, who was born again as a’Yoga Goddess’, consistently gave the members of the’Law of the Jungle’ as well as viewers unaffected laughter with pleasant energy and fresh ideas.

On the other hand, Seol In-ah proved the existence of an actor who believes and sees by showing a highly immersive acting ability as the role of Hwa-Jin in the tvN drama’Queen Iron Man’ which ended last February. Recently, he has been actively engaged in various entertainment programs such as SBS’Running Man’, MBC’Save Me Holmes’, and KBS 2TV’Dog is great’.

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