Lawyer Sitti blasts disgusting judicial process to detain Fa Phromsorn charged with 112

18 Mar. 64 – Miss Sasinan Thamnithinan Attorney at the Lawyers for Human Rights Center Facebook post mentions the case of Mr. Phomsorn Veerathammajee or Fa, the leader of the Mutelu people. Was prosecuted for 112 and was taken to Thanyaburi Provincial Court. With an order not to bail Mr. Promsorn With the following message Today’s event record at Thanyaburi Police Station (very long)

Usually, the work process of the lawyer center During this time of many cases When a summons come There will be a team of children, the case secretary, to coordinate the police and the accused to acknowledge the allegations under the subpoena. Well, most in the class acknowledge this allegation. There will be no more steps. Come on the summons Acknowledge the allegations, hand print them daily, and go home without detention, so we will use network attorneys. In accepting the allegation with the client

Today’s case, we volunteered to go along with Because of the case that examined witnesses today (Isan case with Yan Der Khon Kaen District Court) has been postponed so we are free, together with tomorrow (Thu 18), we have made an appointment with the Police Police Thanyaburi in the same case. To acknowledge the allegations with Ammy At Thonburi Prison

So we went with another lawyer. In order to get a preliminary acknowledgment of the allegations, this case Fa and Ammy are the first and second accused, respectively, in front of the Thanyaburi Provincial Court on the day New Sirachai Na’s release at the court.

We arrive at Thanyaburi Police Station around 1 o’clock. The policeman came and invited him to sit in the investigation room. There is a fence blocking and there are about 2-3 cars parked in the police station, and there are 4 people sitting in the police station and standing in the room for 3-4 people who sit there. , New graduating master (help print), Phong Sor, the owner of the idioms And the Superintendent of Klong Luang Police Station

When the lawyer and Nong Fah arrived With a deputy Came to sit and listen to the investigation, one more person Fa came in a state of swollen face. There are stitches on the mouth and head. Both hands were wrapped with gauze. “Postpone? Better then come. “We asked with concern But the sky replied, “It’s okay. I followed my intent to show that I didn’t run away.”

The process started as usual. Normal talk Until the investigation is finished, hand print and it is done on a daily basis We talked to the children that “Today you brought the car I’ll go back to you. “Something like this.

Then the examiner said, “Well, brother, the process is over. I’ll take you to court. I can’t wait. “The three of us are awkward Because the appointment at one o’clock Because we have already talked about No detention Because if there is a deposit in prison The lawyer will make an appointment early. Because they will be able to take action at the court in time

“Oppa, we haven’t talked like this. You can’t come quickly like this. I didn’t prepare a claim for money or a surety. And this is going to be four o’clock. Otherwise, you come on the summons. “When we say this The whole room was broken. Stood up around the three of us And insisted that he would take the younger one right away

We put our hands around the younger brother and told me that I could not go anywhere. I asked for the phone. We walk off the door bang! Go out to call Lawyer Ann. (During this time, the lawyer said that When you went out to talk on the phone, the policeman said you should take it away, no need to wait)

Hang up, Brother Ann, we enter the room again and ask the police that we ask to talk to the client first. Let’s discuss first The policeman said loudly that “I don’t have to take myself to court right now. I couldn’t leave it in time. “We were so angry and shouted back that “The right to consult a lawyer is the right of the accused according to the law,” said the policeman, “Let’s talk quickly.” There are no seniors in this room. You guys have to go all out. “

Director General of Thanyaburi Police Station Angrily put us on that “Give it two minutes!” And walked away with all the men. The rest of the deputy was still standing. We turned over. She pointed to herself, “Brother, too?” Before walking to another person.

We told Nong Fa which method to choose. While returning home with the lawyer, or agreeing to court to object to this disliked detention Nong Fah believes in the court process. And choose to go to court to object to detain We, who did not prepare a gown or any documents. Had to hurry and spin the handwriting against the prisoner and the petition for release, the time prepared in the time near the closing of the court

The court called for a hearing at Ballank 14, 4th floor, with the police testifying to the court that The reason for having to be in prison for fear of escaping And if there is a bail, ask for an objection because it will repeat the offense We, in long gowns, dragged the grounds for our lawyer to borrow the court. Objection on the issue that We came on a summons And there is no reason to be in prison The court ordered the police to receive a request for detention. And tell us to hurry and get insurance

When the court went to the throne, about 4 people walked to us and asked about the appointment for tomorrow at Thanyaburi Prison. Report the allegations to Ammy about who is going. And added that yesterday (March 16) the police entered to report Ammy allegations in prison (without us because we went to the Khon Kaen case), but Ammy was rampant. So we will consider whether to report more allegations or not. We were so angry that we were unable to keep our emotions in check.

We filed insurance at around 6 p.m. As a result, the court did not give the insurance due to the high penalty, feared fleeing, and would repeat offenses.

We were exhausted, took a bruised spirit, drove us home. With a sense of disgust this process of justice was recorded.

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