Lawyer Tum prepares to fight the case of helping Uncle Phon raise the issue of DNA testing against the police.

Today (3 Jun 19)at 6:00 p.m.Sittra Biabangkerd, or Attorney Tum, visited Lung Phon at Kok Tum police station in less than five minutes, then came down to give an interview to the media, stating that he had brought documents for appointing a lawyer and application documents. bail Let’s get Uncle Phon to sign. To reduce the hassle of tomorrow (4 June 64) by filing bail in court, prepared 2 forms: 2 plots of land, worth more than 1 million baht, and cash securities. The number has not yet been disclosed.

Attorney Tum also revealed the way to fight the case. The issue of DNA testing from hairs found in Uncle Phon’s car is important evidence that the police asked the court to issue an arrest warrant. But the police can’t tell all that the examination of the hair It is an examination using mitochondria technique. To prove that there is a maternal relationship or not.

which the examination by this method Can’t identify the person It can only be said that there is a maternal relationship. He sees it as a pattern that the United States has used in the past. and caused many innocents to be arrested. Because the person cannot be clearly identified. Like a DNA test, he wants the police to make it clear whether they use mitochondria or not. Not letting them understand that it’s Uncle Phon’s DNA. I want you to ask a scientist. And on the other hand, he went to ask the police as well. This will definitely be a way to fight the case.

Attorney Tum insisted that there was no attempt to discriminate. Reduce the credibility of the National Police Commissioner and the police, but as a lawyer has a duty to find the truth for the client. Disclosed matters are not considered confidential. in the litigation but everything is true It is a fact that I am confident that Uncle Phon is not the perpetrator. because otherwise He did not dare to exchange his reputation. But I see that this is not correct. and confirm that Not getting paid even a single baht. but because of pity and want to demand justice for Uncle Phon

Story by Nation TV | Photo by Nation TV



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