Lawyers for the suspended RPD officers say they did what they were trained to do

They say it is important to know what the officers knew on the morning of March 23 and they say the officers followed their training.

The new video of the RPD body camera

“I never do anything to hurt anyone. My name is Daniel. I was willing to die. Please kill me.”

This is what you hear Daniel Prude say in the new body camera video we have.

The video was recorded during Prude’s mental health arrest the night he arrived in Rochester from Chicago.

Daniel wears a white tank top.

It takes place in the house of his brother Joe Prude. It was 7.10pm on March 22nd.

Daniel was taken to Strong Hospital and discharged three hours later.

Four hours later, at 3:23 am, Daniel Prude was pinned to the ground on Jefferson Avenue by officers and stopped breathing.

The press conference of the lawyer

Mike Schiano, attorney for agent Francisco Santiago: “The purpose of this is to try to show you people what exactly happened that night and why these officers behaved that way.”

On Thursday, the lawyers of the suspended police officers showed us the state training video that teaches officers how to immobilize and restrain a person on the ground.

“I put my hands around his ears and head,” said the officers leading the training. “I’ll be like a tepee. So all my weight will be on his head.”

Lawyers say this is the technique the officers who blocked Prude in January were trained on.

Dan Mastrella, Ofc’s lawyer. Troy Taladay: “(It) is a well-accepted means of limiting the movements of a non-compliant individual using the least amount of force possible.”

Reenah Golden is a theater owner, organizer of Black Lives Matter and was at the press conference.

Golden: “I don’t have much faith in what they have shown as training, especially if that training leads to someone’s death.”

The lawyers also released a video posted on Facebook, showing Daniel Prude running around naked just before being found by the police. Lawyers say officers knew Prude had ingested the PCP drug which, according to them, causes erratic behavior and a rise in body temperature.

Matt Rich, attorney to four RPD officers: “His death, although tragic, was the result of that acute voluntary intoxication (PCP) (sic) and not the result of anything the officers did or did not do.”

“You can see him as anyone else can see him and it is just offensive to continue to accept any responsibility for this man’s death,” said attorney Don Thompson.

Thompson is the attorney for Daniel Prude’s family. He watched the press conference.

Brean: “Is there one in particular that you found most annoying?”

Don Thompson, lawyer for the Prude family: “Well, there was the characterization of PCP overdose as a cause of death. This is the lie that got La’Ron Singletary fired and they’re still trying to get it out.”

The Monroe County coroner’s report states that the leading cause of Prude’s death was “asphyxiation in a context of physical restraint.”

Lawyers say the natural human instinct is to put a blanket over a naked man outside on a cold street, but their argument is that Prude was probably burning from the effect of PCP.

James Nobles, Ofc’s attorney. Mark Vaughn: “The worst thing they could have done was give him a blanket. He was literally cooking from the inside.”

Brean: “When I talk to my neighbors one of the things that bothers them, and they are secular just like me when it comes to law enforcement, they wonder where was humanity? And where was the compassion after 3am in the morning of 23 March?

Nobles: “And what do you mean by that Berkeley, do you mean they should have given him a blanket or should they have put him in the police car? What is your specific question if I can elaborate a little more?”

Brean: “Yes, sure. Why didn’t they try to take care of him, a man who was struggling on the ground?”

Nobles: “So Berkeley, I think I answered the questions about the blanket as well as put it in the police car. The human thing to do was to take him to the people to give him the medical care he needed and they were trying to get it as quickly as possible. “

Police officers are suspended with their salary.

Click here to see their biographies provided by their lawyers

The New York State Attorney General’s Office is handling the case. A grand jury was not formed by the lawyers who say they spoke to the AG’s office.

After the press conference, organizers and supporters for free the roc people gathered in the parking lot of the police union office.

The press conference took place inside the building.

News10 NBC personnel saw police handcuff three people, including a 14-year-old girl.

Supporters say a total of five people have been arrested, including Ashley Gantt, who is one of the leaders of Free the People Roc.

His fellow leaders spoke to the media at the scene.

“RPD doesn’t have a clue how to reduce the scale. That’s why Daniel Prude died today. That’s why people were brutalized by this police force. Because they have no idea what to do but arrest,” Danielle said. Ponder.

“We should not allow, as a city, as citizens, our officers to function according to a police model of slave control. That’s why they arrested a 14-year-old girl today,” Rev. Myra Brown with Spiritus Christi Chiesa said. .

Watch the video in the player below to hear more from the protesters (mobile users, click here):

News10NBC asked the RPD why the three people we saw arrested were arrested and what they are accused of.

A spokesperson for DPO said that when he has this information, he will share it.

Click here for full coverage of Daniel Prude’s death.

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