Lazada grabbed “Bella” and 2 youngsters “Bright-Win” giving full happiness. Ready to update the best shopping trick!

Lazada celebrates online shopping campaign Ready to give full happiness with “12.12 Grand Year-End Sale, a big sale for the end of the year”, grabbed “Bella” and two youngsters “Bright-Win” to update a great shopping trick!

The online shopping festival has arrived in the last month of the year! Lazada continues to provide Max with a great online shopping campaign celebration. “12.12 Grand Year-End Sale, a big sale for the end of the year” Serving happiness continually Appease Thai shoppers to choose gifts for themselves and share loved ones in the festive season of happiness at the end of the year, packed with promotions Starting from discounts up to 90% with a total discount of 6 per cuk! Whether it’s a lazada bonus of 50 baht when you shop for every 500 baht, a coupon for free shipping all over Thailand. and find discounted products of famous brands in LazMall with Crazy Brand Mega Offer, only midnight – 2am, ready to invite beautiful female heroines Bella – Ranee Kampen and two hot young men screaming like Bright – Wachirawit Chivaree and Win – Methawin Opas-iamkajon Take the role of a brand presenter in this Lazada 12.12 campaign, ready to recommend shopping tips In case you help guide shoppers to prepare to shop to your heart’s content for up to 3 full days between 12-14 December only!

Bella Ranee said, “Bel hopes that the situation In Thailand, we will keep getting better and better. because during this festival It was the moment everyone had been waiting for. In the new year, I come back home to see my relatives together. Many people are looking for gifts to give to each other. Bale would like to say that in the Lazada 12.12 campaign, the big sale ends the year. This time, Lazada brings up to 90% discount as before, with 6 more discounts towing. Who is looking for a product? Belle whispered loudly. I think Lazada has all of them. Plus a feature that Belle likes a lot. And waiting for a special Crazy Brand Mega Offer between midnight – 2am on December 12th, Bale sets an alarm to remind you every time. Because it is a time of special deals, really only at this time. Finally, Belle is very happy. to be part of the Lazada family and has joined as one of the brand presenters of this 12.12 campaign, along with Nong Bright and Nong Win. Belle hopes that friends And all shoppers will enjoy shopping and get the best value. And don’t forget to prepare to collect coupons. Happy New Year’s Eve Welcome the new year everyone.”

side Young Bright Wachirawit Said, “During this period, it can be said that I have returned to work fully. I feel happy every time I meet my brothers and sisters in the industry. in various forms whether through a video call Or a real event that has to maintain a distance. Including in Lazada’s year-end campaign this year, such as the Lazada 12.12 campaign that has returned to work with Nong Win, including Bella, with a TVC movie that has just aired, friends may have seen the fun and colorful theme of this campaign. I can tell you that this year’s end campaign, we come in a magnificent Carnival theme to suit the festive season at the end of the year. Just the theme and the music are fun. This event, Lazada has many promotions and great deals. Who is looking for something to celebrate with a small group of friends? This coming Christmas or New Year Lazada has a lot more than that for the end of the year campaign, there are 3 days from 12 -14 December. Any friends, brothers and sisters who are interested in any products? Prepare to press stuff into the cart and go shopping with me.”

part Young Win Methawin said, “It has entered the last month of the year. I feel like a lot of people that a year is about to pass. and excited to enter the new year In addition, being a representative of Lazada in the 12.12 campaign, including working together with P. Bright and P. Bella It makes me feel very excited because I’m already fond of Bella’s work. But this special is not yet over. because this year’s end campaign Lazada is full for 3 days. I don’t miss a great deal. and prepare to collect Lazada Bonus Used as a 50 baht discount, with every purchase of 500 baht, you can get a discount of up to 4,000 baht. Good value like this has to be Lazada, the only place. And as Brother Bright said that TVC that just went out is a very fun filming. It’s a festive themed dress to bring happiness to all shoppers in the end-of-year campaign. I hope everyone will get products at good prices, great prices from promotions and great deals from Lazada. Then follow me to collect coupons for a heavy discount with me.”

Highlights of the Lazada 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale campaign

Lazada is preparing to pack promotions and privileges that are worthwhile on the platform for shoppers. Find a fleet of products with extreme discounts from many categories. all needs from tens of thousands of sellers This includes leading brands on LazMall.

• Up to 6 discounts

o Up to 90% discount on all products on the platform

o Special discount coupons from Lazada, up to 1,000 baht.

o Special discount coupons from stores up to 1,212 baht

o Lazada Bonus, easy to collect and receive an instant bonus of 50 baht when spending 500 baht
– The bonus can be accumulated from December 6 – 14 and can be used to purchase participating products on December 12 – 14.

o Free delivery coupons all over Thailand Receive a discount of 30 baht for shipping immediately when purchasing 3 or more of all types of products or a product worth 99 baht or more.

o Discount code from partners up to 1,212 baht

• Crazy Brand Mega Offer Unique and great discount deal from LazMall with up to 90% discount only midnight – 2am on December 12 only.

• 12 baht at 12 o’clock. Find a big discount deal. Bring products from a variety of categories, shockingly reduced! Only 12 baht left every noon from 6-11 December.

Even more special with the best of full entertainment and fun activities that Lazada is ready to deliver happiness to all shoppers at the end of the year.

• For this year’s end-of-year mega campaign, Lazada Thailand was honored by 3 top entertainers. Bella Ranee, Bright Wachirawit and Win Methawin Received the position of brand presenter in Thailand in this 12.12 campaign, where the three participated in a fun and entertaining commercial film. It goes well with the happy passing festival at the end of this year as well.

• End of the year-end campaign. with entertainment activities in the form of Shoppertainment with Lazada 12.12 LAZ iCON The Final Stage with special shows from idols who love teenagers such as Bukin Puttipong, PP Krit, JJ Kritsanapoom, Ice Paris and many more, including the moments that the audience at home has been waiting for With the announcement of the results of the 5 young contestants of LAZ iCON who will debut as the new boy group of the industry. and was also chosen as a brand ambassador of Lazada Thailand and signed a contract as an artist under Channel ONE 31, where shoppers will be able to enjoy shopping with special discount coupons that are distributed during Live as well

o Can be viewed via LazLive and Channel ONE 31 on December 11th at 8:15 p.m. onwards

and prepare for the end of the year shopping with heavy promotional deals Ready to go to the next level with full entertainment in the campaign 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale, big sale to end the year 3 full days in betweenDate 12-14 December only! Follow more details at


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