Lazada organizes great value campaigns throughout February –

lacing Send a valuable campaign to stimulate the Thai economy and bring happiness throughout February. Starting with the Chinese New Year festival, officially welcome to the year of the Tiger under the campaign “Chinese New Year Sale Happy shopping for Chinese New Year” Up to 88% discount

It follows in line with the first Double Digit festival of the year: “Lazada 2.2 reduces energy, many times” Meet the needs of consumers with the most exclusive products and deals with discounts on toppings for shoppers in full, up to 6, next to the campaign to please girls “Chic and Shop Festival hit every field with great deals in the Year of the Tiger” Stock up on trendiest products Complete with fashion lines, beauty lines, and various lifestyles at a great price, giving girls a makeover for the year of the Tiger, never getting bored.

ending with another campaign that people who have couples are looking forward to “Lazada Valentine’s Day, buy the right gift Give it to someone you like!” Ready to give away the most satisfying gift ideas in a hard way. Don’t miss out on the most popular campaign in a non-stop line. Special! Throughout this February

The specials of various great campaigns throughout the month of February 2022

Take advantage of the salary day and welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year. Launching the first campaign with “Chinese New Year Sale. Happy shopping for Chinese New Year” between 26 January – 1 February with many promotional deals and privileges on the platform for shoppers such as

  • Up to 88% off products
  • Flash sale products Starting at only 8 baht
  • Chinese New Year products that Lazada has arranged to add energy to welcome the year of the Tiger.

For details of the campaign “Chinese New Year Sale, Happy shopping for Chinese New Year” click

Next comes the monthly campaign like “Lazada 2.2, reduce energy, many times” that will take place on the 2nd of the 2nd month. Shoppers will find full value for money such as

  • Topping discount from Lazada up to 6 per
  • Lazada Bonus 30 baht discount for every 500 baht
  • Free delivery coupons all over Thailand.
  • Crazy Brand Mega Offers between midnight – 2am with famous brand products from LazMall, discount up to 90%

Details of the Lazada 2.2 campaign. Reduce the force per click.

The campaign “Chic and Shop Festival hits every field, a great deal for the Year of the Tiger” between February 2-6, this event, Lazada has included all types of products as usual, whether it’s fashion, beauty or beauty accessories. for girls meet

  • Up to 15% discount coupon
  • Great items up to 80% off
  • Lots of gift sets from famous brands.

more than that It also collects Co-Branding products from top brands such as Sabina x Vistra, Calvin Klein x The Body Shop, Banila Co x Nestlé Health Science, Nivea x Skechers and many more. Details of the Chic and Shop Festival campaign, hit every feel, great deals, year of the tiger, click

Closing with a campaign for shoppers who love love with the festival of love like Valentine “Lazada Valentine’s Day Shop the right gift. Give it to people who like it!” Between 3 -14 February, there are many great deals such as

  • Love deal, more than 80% discount
  • Free delivery coupons all over Thailand.
  • Gift ideas in a great budget. Price is not over 499 baht.

Who is looking for an impressive gift at the best price, come together here with the campaign “Lazada Valentine’s Day, shop the right gift for someone you like! click

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