LCK Suspends Pro Gamer Clid for One Year After Sexual Inappropriate Comments

League of Legends Pro Player Suspended for Inappropriate Comments

The LCK Secretariat has made a disciplinary decision regarding Kim “Clid” Tae-min, a professional player in the popular online game, League of Legends (LoL). He has been suspended for one year from participating in the official LoL eSports league after admitting to making sexually inappropriate comments towards several women, including minors. The LCK Secretariat emphasized that any form of sexual misconduct against minors is absolutely unacceptable.

The investigation into Kim Tae-min’s misconduct began in June when a woman came forward, revealing that she had received numerous sexually harassing messages from him via social media. Shadow Corporation, Kim Tae-min’s agency, acknowledged that there were conversations between him and women, but denied any further inappropriate behavior. They claimed that both parties had expressed positive sentiments and had never actually met in person. However, following the incident, Kim Tae-min was removed from the Hanwha Life Insurance Esports roster, and his future in professional gaming remains uncertain.

The LCK Secretariat has responded to the incident by forming an investigative committee and conducting a thorough review of all the available evidence, including online posts, player statements, and their own investigation. After careful consideration, they concluded that the complainants had not consented to the offensive comments and that such behavior is unacceptable in any circumstances.

As a result, the LCK Secretariat has imposed strict measures on Kim Tae-min, considering the seriousness of his actions. He will be suspended from participating in both LCK and LCK CL (group 2) leagues for 12 months. The disciplinary measures are in line with the league regulations, which include provisions against unprofessional behavior, responsibility for compliance, harassment, sexual misconduct, criminal behavior, immoral conduct, and the use of offensive or discriminatory language.

In addition to the league suspension, Kim Tae-min is also prohibited from participating in other official domestic and international eSports competitions during this period. This penalty is particularly impactful in the rapidly evolving world of eSports, where a year of inactivity makes it difficult to make a successful comeback.

According to the regulations, Kim Tae-min has the option to request a second trial with the eSports Fair Commission within 14 days of receiving the disciplinary decision. Failure to request a retrial within this timeframe will render the LCK Secretariat’s disciplinary action final.

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▲ Outline of LCK Secretariat’s disciplinary decision on Kim “Clid” Tae-min (Data source: League of Legends eSports official website)

League of Legends (LoL) pro Kim “Clid” Tae-min has been suspended by the LCK Secretariat from participating in the official LoL e-sports league for one year after coming forward about sexually inappropriate comments towards a number of women, including children minor , in June. The LCK Secretariat stressed that high-level sexual comments against minors are unacceptable under any circumstances.

On the 4th, the LCK Secretariat announced the results of the investigation on ‘Clid’ Tae-min Kim through the official eSports League of Legends website, and revealed the level of punishment. The case began on June 27, when a woman revealed that she had received several messages containing sexually harassing comments from Kim Tae-min via social media.

Later, Taemin Kim’s agency, Shadow Corporation, explained that it was true that he had had high-level conversations with women, but there were no more inappropriate words and actions, and that the two had expressed good feelings and had never met women actually. life. However, immediately after the incident, Kim Tae-min was excluded from the Hanwha Life Insurance Esports roster, and his future direction has not been revealed.

▲ Full text of the Corporation’s Shadow statement on sexually inappropriate comments (source: Twitter Shadow Officer)

And this time, LCK Secretariat disciplinary action was announced against Kim Tae-min. After the matter was raised, the LCK Secretariat convened an investigative committee and comprehensively reviewed the materials in the online post, the player’s explanation, and the LCK’s own investigation.

The Secretariat said, “There are no circumstances to believe that the women who complained about the damage were tolerated (high-level sexual comments and requests for inappropriate photos), but instead there were several circumstances that made it doubtful that they expressed their intention to refuse. .” We have judged that sexual comments, etc., are unacceptable behavior under any circumstances.”

Accordingly, the LCK Secretariat, as a professional player who should lead more than anyone else, decided that strict measures were necessary for the actions taken, and considering the seriousness of the matter, LCK and LCK CL (group 2) were suspended for 12 months League regulations considered by the Secretariat include ‘unprofessional behaviour’, ‘responsibility for compliance’, ‘harassment/persistent harassment’, ‘sexual harassment’, ‘criminal behaviour’, ‘immoral behaviour’, ‘use of language contaminated and discriminatory comments’, etc. am.

In addition, players who have been suspended from participating in LCK and LCK CL cannot participate in other domestic/foreign official role-playing esports competitions. Given the characteristics of role-playing esports, where the flow of the game changes rapidly depending on the meta, not being able to be active as an active player for a year is evaluated as a penalty that makes it difficult to expect a return in the future.

According to the regulations, a player who has received a disciplinary case can request a second trial to the eSports Fair Commission within 14 days from the date of receipt of the decision. If a retrial is not requested within this period, the LCK Secretariat’s disciplinary action will be final.

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