LDF guarantees jail; K Sudhakaran said that there is a riot going on in Kannur CPM

Kannur: K Sudhakaran said that he was not called by the high command. Sudhakaran clarified in Kannur today that he has not received any direct information about the post of KPCC president and there has been no official communication from the AICC or the High Command in this regard. Sudhakaran said that he himself had made it clear that Mullappally would not contest the elections this time and that the High Command should tell him whether the High Command would force him or not.

Sudhakaran assured that the main part of the Congress candidate list would be released on the ninth or tenth of this month.

Sudhakaran scoffed that the LDF was sure of the jail and claimed that many more allegations against Kodiyeri Balakrishnan were yet to come out. Customs has found that the iPhone which was said to be in the possession of Ramesh Chennithala is now in the possession of Vinodini Balakrishnan. Sudhakaran asks if he is now convinced that the allegation was planned.

When I say son of a bitch, you’re objected because you do not understand what it means. All of them came from nothing. All their children today are worth crores of rupees. How is this? – Sudhakaran asks.

Officials in Kerala are investigating the source of Bineesh’s assets. The senior Congress leader alleged that Kodiyeri was sidelined for health reasons for fear of the probe. Sudharan added that it would come out why Customs had not made any move in the meantime. The UDF has nothing to hide or conceal. We will tell you our guilt.

‘The competition is not with Jayarajan or G Sudhakaran but with the CPM

Sudhakaran told reporters that the CPM had the impression that P Jayarajan was being isolated and that it was their internal problem. P Jayarajan was at one time the most strongly used leader of the CPM. There is an impression among the people that he is being avoided.

Sudhakaran said that as a listener or a spectator, it feels isolated but it is an internal matter and he does not want to comment on it. Sudhakaran expressed confidence that the UDF would win the seats in Kannur district no matter what.

Sudhakaran added that Jayarajan’s plus point was that he was honest about the discussion with Shri. Sudhakaran also said that we have nothing to say about the change of Isaac and G Sudhakaran. They enforce party policy, no matter what we do with it. Our competition is with the CPM. Not with Isaac or Sudhakar.

Azhikode KM Shaji

K Sudhakaran says that Shaji Lego did not say that Shaji will go to Kasargod from Azhikode and that it is a story made by the media. Shaji Kasargod has not said whether he will contest. Shaji said he would not contest this time. It has been changed by brotherly advice and pressure by all together. Sudhakaran claims that the problem is not Kasargod or Kannur.

Sudhakaran said that the cases against Shaji would not be affected and asked the media if you have the shame and dignity to ask whether there is corruption in Shaji’s intervention. The justification is how the country is ruled by a bandit and Shaji tells a management in the CM’s country that he bought money. Sudhakaran expressed confidence that Shaji will contest and Shaji will win.

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