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Thrissur: Allegations of corruption and counter-allegations When the three main party leaders in Mae Ji District came together at the Presbytery This led to an open discussion. Face-to-face meeting of leaders in the name of “National War” Lanu DCC President MP Vincent and CPM Gilla Secretary R.M. Geez and BJP Zilla President KK Anish Kumar arrived.

The mafia activities of the three gangs in the corporation are also corrupt. In the last five years since May, DCC President M.P. Vincent said. However, the CPI (M) did not respond to a request for comment. R.M. Varghese’s reply. M.M. did not point out any corruption. Varghese said.

North Bus Stand and Diva, one of the major development activities in the city. Achievements such as road and military road development on Janji Moola. But all this was about the beginning of the last UDF rule. നു എം .പി. Vincent’s reply. This corruption is due to the fear of failure due to the harassment of insurgents. The CPI (M) secretary-general also said that the allegations were baseless. North Kancheri Flat due to unwanted opening of Life Mission Project With the cessation of construction, 140 homeless people were evacuated to MM. Varghese pointed out.

Only to be nominated for corruption and murder case. BJP Zilla President Anish Kumar says CPM is declining Ran. As the two fronts alternate, the left leg slows down. The only thing that happens in each election is that you switch to Li and vice versa. . The BJP understands that this is a change. Anishkumar explained that the health sector was deteriorating.


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