“League of Legends” adapted animation “Arcane” is about to debut. Official launch of Riot X “Arcane” web interactive game “League of Legends”

Riot Games will launch the Riot X “Arcane” web interactive game in conjunction with the “League of Legends” adapted animation “Arcane”, and Riot’s many games include “League of Legends”, “League of Legends: Fighting Canyon”, “Talisman” “Legend of Wen Dadi”, “Alliance War Chess” and “Alliance War Chess” also launched “Arcane” theme content to jointly welcome the upcoming animation.

  • Riot X “Arcane” (Image source: Riot Games)

Riot said that in order to welcome the upcoming “Arcane” animation, the “League of Legends” World Series finals will have the opening show of “Arcane” at 8 pm on November 6th, which will kick off with the “Arcane” soundtrack. There will be musical performances by Enigma Orchestra, Bea Miller, JID and Denzel Curry, and the world premiere of “Arcane” will be aired on Twitch at 8:30 am on November 7th.

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Riot today launched the RiotX “Arcane” web interactive game. Players can log in to their Riot account to explore the map, talk to NPCs, and perform tasks. The official plan is to add new tasks in November.

As for Riot’s games will also go deep into the arcane world, such as “League of Legends” will release “Arcane” theme free modeling including Jesse, Fei Ai, Caitlin and Gene Cos, etc., as well as the 2022 pre-season update. The main new elements are flying dragons, props and runes, Caitlin’s art remake, and special effects on the Summon Canyon map.

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“League of Legends: Fighting Canyon” launched the “Arcane Way” game event, “Arcane” themed free modeling of Gincos and Fei, and staged a guild battle theme week including the duel of Gincos and Fei. And Jesse and Caitlin finally appeared in the “Hex Robbery” event.

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“Legend of Runeland” has launched a new permanent PvE game mode “Road to Heroes”, allowing players to travel through Runeland with their favorite heroes, as well as the new hero Jesse, and cards related to Piltoef and Zorn.

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“Alliance War Chess” will launch “Arcane” theme chess players, including the newly launched Q version of the hero, as well as the “new invention & cool stuff” combination, as well as a new two-player mode, allowing players to have fun with friends.

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“Special Warlords” will launch the “Arcane” collection set, new agent Chamball, free style decoration, and Riot X “Arcane” free pass.

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