“League of Legends” PSG and ubao ended the contract early, and announced that it “conflicts with the team’s core values” | 4 Gamers

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“League of Legends” PCS team PSG TALON announced today (31) that it has terminated its contract with mid laner ubao (Chen Changju).

PSG has just finished this month’s MSI mid-season schedule, just as the new season is about to start. Today, PSG officials suddenly released the news of ending the contract with the starting center laner ubao, which was a shock to the players.

According to the announcement, “due to the conflict between ubao’s recent behavior and the core values ​​of professionalism, respect and teamwork promoted by the PSG TALON team, the team decided to terminate the contract with ubao after careful evaluation.”

Although he did not directly state what the players did, the more intense words in the announcement have become the subject of heated discussion in the player community.

As for ubao, his contract with PSG was originally scheduled to expire on November 21, 2023, and now he has been released early, Whether he is a future PSG center move or n ubao’s future movements, it has attracted a lot of attention.

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