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On January 8 (Saturday), the MOBA “League of Legends” launched by Riot Games, Inc., which is based in California, USA, released a brand-new ranking game “Zorn Dazzling Jelly”.

Welcome to 2022 with live streaming!

Information on the two e-Sports conferences “LoL Esports” and “Wild Rift Esports” was announced in “Season 2022 Opening Day | Full Livestream – League of Legend”, which was broadcast live on Saturday, January 8th. A new game system called “Challenges” has been added. With the launch of the ranking season in 2022, the brand-new ranking competition “Zon Dianguang Jie Li” has also been released.

“Season 2022 Opening Day | Full Livestream – League of Legend” can be found in the video collection on YouTube, and players can go to rewatch the published content.

The brand new ranking game “Zon Dianguang Jie Li” is here!

The brand-new ranking game “Zon Dianguang Jie Li” announced in the live broadcast will appear in batch 12.2.
When it comes to Raiden-like game characters, Nikaidou Benimaru, Pikachu and Galfort are all very famous. “Jie Li” is also a powerful character who can emit electricity.
Thunder characters are very popular in different games and anime, and “Jie Li” is no exception.

New Ranking Tournament “Zorn Denko Jelly”
League of Legends

“Fight for Zorn, For Companions”

League of Legends

Withered Rose Jelly loading=lazy
withered rose jelly
League of Legends

Everyone did their best.But I’m used to it

League of Legends

The technology of “Zon Denko Jerry” is as follows.
※The technical name and effect may be different in actual combat.

Existing skills
bio battery
Each time you get a shield, you can increase your movement speed. Attack the enemy’s shield to absorb energy and become your own shield.
Q – Burst Fire Automatic effects:Normal attack to inflict magic damage. Magic damage increases with mana and becomes a skill. Move and use “Burst Fire” to accumulate “Spark Pack” energy. When charged to maximum energy, slow motion effects and additional damage can be applied in the next normal attack.
Launch effect:A burst of 7 bullets, adding physical damage to the first enemy hit.
Damage increases with attack power. The initial bullets can be applied to normal attacks. Cooldown is the same as normal attack timing.
W – Ultra Shcok Laser Fires an electromagnetic wave that inflicts slow-motion effects and damages on the first enemy hit. When the electromagnetic wave hits the wall, a long-range electromagnetic wave is emitted from the position where it hits the wall.
E – Spark Serge It can be fired at a short distance, and the attack after strengthening “Burst Fire” 3 times penetrates the enemy. After shooting, it will reflect at different angles depending on the terrain it hits. If you hit the enemy with normal attack or skill, the cooldown time can be shortened.
R – Lightening Clash Unleash a large amount of electricity to damage surrounding enemies, sometimes overcharging. Overcharging can increase damage, attack speed, and movement speed. When making normal attacks on the enemy, the effect time of the overcharge will be updated, and the movement speed can be increased. Using “Burst Fire” in the case of overcharging can shorten the firing interval to 3 bursts, which can chain electricity to the enemy.

More details of the skills can be found on the LoL official website or Twitter official account with animation introduction, remember to check it out.



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