League of Legends: Team Fight Tactics Reveals New Set ‘Runeterra Reforged: Beyond the Horizon’

League of Legends Reveals New ‘Runeterra Reforged: Beyond the Horizon’ Set for Team Fight Tactics

[DISCOVERY NEWS=By Kim Yoo-Jung, Journalist] The world of League of Legends (LoL) has introduced a new set for its popular strategy game ‘Team Fight Tactics (TFT)’ called ‘Runeterra Reforged: Beyond the Horizon’.

‘Over the Horizon’ Expands on the ‘Runeterra Reforged’ Update

Following the success of last year’s ‘Runeterra Reforged’, this follow-up update takes players to the thrilling new setting of ‘Bilgewater’ and centers around the character ‘Gangplank’. Additionally, the expansion includes the introduction of ‘Ishtal’, attracting a variety of champions. With the addition of the regional ‘dimensional door’, the game allows for more diverse strategies, giving players the ability to quickly reverse an unfavorable outcome by changing the ground rules.

Exploring Bilgewater and the Pirate Corps

The newly introduced Bilgewater area serves as a hub for dangerous smugglers and is home to several pirate champions, including Gangplank, Nautilus, Miss Fortune, Graves, Illaoi, Nilla, and Twisted Fate.

The champions from Bilgewater possess the unique trait of occasionally bombarding obvious enemies. Gangplank, the main character, wields a pirate sword for close-range attacks or a pistol for long-range strikes. Furthermore, his ultimate skill, ‘Dreadway’, allows him to deliver beneficial tangerines to allies and blast opponents.

Official Image of 'Mini Immortal Hero Irelia'

New Additions and the Immortal Little Hero Irelia

The ‘Over the Horizon’ set introduces a range of new units. Milio and Napiri, who made their debut in LoL this year, join the roster. Silco, a character from the popular television animation series ‘ARCANE’, also returns after appearing in the previous ‘Neon Night’ set of TFT.

Milio, a champion from the Ishtal region, enhances the units on the TFT battlefield through his ‘element slots’. He stuns opposing units with his ‘super special flame kick’ and deals damage to nearby enemies with a fireball. On the other hand, when Napiri dies during battle, allies gain the ‘Darkin’ attribute effect and a group of allies is summoned to attack the target.

Silco, representing the Zaun TFT area unit, casts ‘Shimmer’ at enemies. Enemies within the area take damage, while allies gain HP upon entering it. The set also welcomes new units such as Fiora (Demacia), Queen (Ionia), Xayah (Ionia), and Mordekaiser (Noxus).

Making her debut as a new ‘little champion’ in ‘Over the Horizon’ is the legendary Mini Champion Irelia. ‘Mini Immortal Hero Irelia’ wields the power of the dragon and showcases her flexibility with swift sword movements.

To add excitement, the new ‘Treasure Kingdom’ content features the inclusion of the little immortal hero Irelia, offering special rare items like Mythical Arena, Little Legend, and Basic and Legendary Mini Champions.

Dimensions Gates and Changing Strategies

The expansion of ‘Over the Horizon’ brings the addition of Bilgewater and Ishtal, along with an increase in the number of ‘Dimensional Gates’ that alter the game’s basic rules.

In the Bilgewater area, a new portal called the ‘Rathole Area’ randomly appears in shops, providing an opportunity to acquire a unit suitable for certain combinations. The ‘Ishaokan’ dimensional gate in the Ishtal area introduces a new rule, rewarding valuable loot whenever a unit’s star rating surpasses a certain number.

Players can experience the new TFT set ‘Over the Horizon’ through the test server starting on the 30th.

[디스커버리뉴스=김유정 기자] Worldview-based strategy game ‘Team Fight Tactics (TF)’, League of Legends (LoL), has released a new set of ‘Runeterra Reforged: Beyond the Horizon’ has been revealed.

‘Over the Horizon’ is a follow up update to ‘Runeterra Reforged’ which was released in June last year. The story revolves around the new area ‘Bilgewater’ and the main character ‘Gangplank’. In addition to Bilgewater, the area ‘Ishtal’ has just been added and various champions are joining. Players can try more varied strategies, such as instantly reversing an unfavorable game, as it extends to the regional ‘dimensional door’ where the ground rules change.

Teamfight Tactics ‘Runeterra Reforged: Beyond the Horizon’ Official Image Installation [사진=라이엇게임즈]

The new Bilgewater area, Gangplank and the ‘Pirate Corps’

The new area, Bilgewater, is a den of dangerous smugglers, home to several pirate champions belonging to Bilgewater, including △Gangplank △Nautilus △Miss Fortune △Graves △Illaoi △Nilla △Twisted Fate.

Bilgewater champions have the ‘trait’ of occasionally face bombarding obvious enemies. Gangplank, the main character, can transform into a type of burning opponents with a pirate sword from close range or long-range attacks with a pistol, depending on where he is placed on the battlefield. Also, it is possible to summon ‘Dreadway’ as an ultimate skill to deliver beneficial tangerines to allies and blast opponents.

Official image of ‘Mini Immortal Hero Irelia’ [사진=라이엇게임즈]

New units join TFT and ‘immortal little hero Irelia’

A variety of champions join the ‘Over the Horizon’ set. Milio and Napiri, who were released in LoL this year, as well as Silco, a character from the company’s feature-length television animation series ‘ARCANE’, who received a lot of attention for appearing on the set of TFT ‘Neon Night’, are joining again.

Milio is a champion in the Ishtal region, and creates ‘element slots’ that strengthen the units used in the TFT battlefield. On the battlefield, Milio stuns opposing units with a ‘super special flame kick’ and fires a fireball that deals damage to nearby enemies. When Napiri dies during battle, it gives allies the ‘Darkin’ attribute effect and summons a group of allies to attack the target.

Returning to the Zaun TFT area unit, Silco casts ‘Shimmer’ at the enemy. Enemies within the Shimmer’s blast range take damage, and allies who enter the tainted area regain their HP. In addition to this, new units such as △Fiora (Demacia) △Queen (Ionia) △Xayah (Ionia) △Mordekaiser (Noxus) will join the existing area.

Irelia appears as a new ‘little champion’ in ‘Over the Horizon’. The appearance of the legendary Mini Champion Irelia, ‘Mini Immortal Hero Irelia’ attacks the opponent with the power of the dragon and shows flexible movements such as wielding the sword freely.

Little immortal hero Irelia is added as new content in ‘Treasure Kingdom’. You can get special rare content like △ Mythical Arena △ Little Legend △ Basic and Legendary Mini Champions.

‘Dimensional gates’ increased with new areas, and strategies change depending on the battlefield

As Bilgewater and Ishtal are added to ‘Over the Horizon’, the number of ‘Gate Gates’ that change the basic rules of the game also increases.

A new portal in the Bilgewater area, ‘Rathole Area’, appears randomly in a lucky shop, giving an opportunity to bring a unit suitable for the combination. The ‘Ishaokan’ dimension gate in the Ishtal area applies a new rule to get valuable loot whenever a unit’s star rating rises above a certain number.
You can meet the new TFT set ‘Over the Horizon’ via the test server on the 30th.

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