“Leak of core technology data for job switch”… Police arrest 317 people for ‘leaking industrial technology’

2022.6.20/News1 © News1 Reporter Park Se-yeon

The South Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency arrested a suspect this year who disclosed and misused data containing the company’s core technology in order to move to a similar foreign company while working on exhibition-related development, and handed him over to prosecution this year.

The Gyeongnam Police Agency sent 13 people to prosecution this year on charges of exporting military equipment abroad without permission and leaking two types of drawings, including core parts, to foreign companies, and asked to collect and keep the proceeds of crime of 60.6 billion. before prosecution.

The National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency announced on the 27th that it had arrested a total of 317 people, including them, during a special crackdown on industrial technology leaks between February and October this year.

Noodle Capital ran a special campaign to stop attempts to steal technology and manpower from the country’s core industries.

In order to respond to the crime of leaking industrial technology, including 73 national core technologies in 12 areas, all personnel from the National Security Investigation Unit were placed directly under the Nation’s Capital and the Protection Investigation Team Industrial Technology from 17 state and provincial police agencies. into this conflict.

By type, cases of leaking trade secrets accounted for the most with 75 cases (74.2%), followed by industrial technology leakage (11 cases, 10.9%) and breach of business trust (15 cases, 14.8%). There were also six cases of leakage of national core technology.

In particular, the number of compensation for small and medium-sized businesses (85 cases, 84%) was more than five times higher than that of large corporations (16 cases, 16%).

Specifically, it was found that there were more leaks from insiders (21 cases, 91%) than outsiders. They found that technology spillovers between domestic companies (89 cases, 88%) were more than 7 times higher than foreign technology spillovers (12 cases, 12%).

The National Police Agency decided to establish a new economic security investigation task force (TF), which is the policy lead, and to place investigative teams responsible for investigations into economic security crimes in the security departments of 41 police stations across the country.

In addition, 202 police stations plan to set up industrial technology spill reporting centers to conduct prevention and publicity activities.

An official from Noodle Capital emphasized, “We will expand the organization dedicated to industrial technology leaks and the public reporting infrastructure to strengthen the police’s ability to respond to economic security.”

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