LEAKED DOCUMENTS: Slightly amended indictment, Alec Baldwin could get…

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Chief District Attorney of New Mexico Mary Carmack-Altwies last month, she charged Baldwin and on-set gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed with two counts of first degree murder in the death of cameraman Halyne Hutchins. The most serious count of the indictment carries a potential prison sentence of five years.

A maximum of 18 months in prison

On Friday, Carmack-Altwies filed an amended indictment against Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed, removing as an aggravating factor that the murder was committed with a firearm. This means that the prison sentence from a minimum of five years is now reduced to a maximum of 18 months.

“To avoid further obstruction of justice for Mr. Baldwin and his attorneys, the district attorney and special prosecutor have removed the firearms charge from the involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Halyne Hutchins on the set of Rust,” First District Attorney spokeswoman Heather Brewer said in a statement.

Thought the revolver was empty

The actor denied responsibility for the killing, saying he cocked the revolver but never pulled the trigger and that Gutierrez-Reed and other firearms experts should have made sure there were no bullets in it, reports Hina.

Gutierrez-Reed said she verified that the bullets in the gun were fake before handing it to first assistant director Dave Halls. Halls handed the revolver to Baldwin saying it was “cold,” meaning it had no explosive charge. According to the safety guidelines in the film industry, the actors assume that there are no real bullets in the firearms, which are strictly prohibited on the sets.


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