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Lee Beom-ho, head of KIA Futures, “It’s absurd to push the batting king”

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KIA Futures general coach Lee Beom-ho strongly denied the allegations of pushing the batting champion in the Futures League, saying, “It’s nonsense.”

The allegation of pushing the batting champion of the Futures League was raised by a media today.

It is said that Sangmu ordered a loose defense from the opposing KIA to make Seo Ho-cheol the batting king in the Mungyeong home match against the KIA on October 8-9, and the related information was received at the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

Regarding this, KIA’s general coach Lee Beom-ho explained the situation at the time, saying, “It is impossible.”

Coach Lee Beom-ho said, “Seo Ho-cheol only bunts twice a season before meeting us. How can he predict and defend against a player who is at the top of the batting average and has only two bunts in over 300 at-bats? I defended the course with a lot of hits, but Seo Ho-cheol bunted it.”

In fact, Seo Ho-cheol did not try to bunt until September of this season. Before meeting KIA, I tried once each against Doosan on October 5th and Doosan on October 7th, but both failed. It is interpreted as an attempt to bunt to make hits as they are competing for the batting king.

Coach Lee Beom-ho said, “Looking at Seo Ho-cheol like that, I thought, ‘I am greedy for the batting king right now.’ I fell on board, the defense caught it and threw it, but I survived.”

Coach Lee Beom-ho said, “We played the game accurately, and we always have good blood-staining matches with Sangmu.” “There is no intention to push, and that is not the case. Even our KIA players or KIA players in Sangmu It’s a nonsense story. Why do we make a batting king?”

The KBO said, “We are grasping the situation at the time from the referees and officials of the game.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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