Lee Bo-young Shares Adorable Photo with Siblings on Instagram for Chuseok

Actress Lee Bo-young Shares Heartwarming Photo with Siblings on Social Media

In a heartwarming display of sibling love, renowned actress Lee Bo-young recently took to her social media to upload a lovely snapshot featuring herself and her siblings. The photograph, captured in coordinating outfits, radiates joy and serves as a delightful reminder of the festive occasion. Lee Bo-young accompanied the picture with a heartfelt message wishing everyone a “Happy Chuseok,” a traditional Korean holiday.

The candid image showcases Lee Bo-young and her brother, Ji-sung, playfully covering their faces with cute emoticons. However, the familial bond is evident as they cling gently to the legs of their beloved mother. This heartwarming display follows the couple photo Lee Bo-young shared earlier this year, commemorating their remarkable 10th wedding anniversary with Ji-sung. The couple has been consistent in expressing their affection for their family, consistently posting snapshots with their siblings on their respective social media accounts.

Lee Cheong-ah, another accomplished actress, couldn’t help but share her admiration, leaving a comment under Lee Bo-young’s photo, exclaiming, “It’s cute!” Such gestures from fellow celebrities often add to the excitement generated by such posts.

Lee Bo-young and Ji-sung tied the knot in 2013 and together, they have been blessed with a loving daughter and son.

Source: Seoul = News 1

Lee Bo-young’s Instagram

Actress Lee Bo-young released a photo taken with her siblings.

On the 28th, Lee Bo-young posted a photo of herself and her siblings wearing matching clothes on her social networking service (SNS) account along with the message “Happy Chuseok.”

In the photo, siblings Lee Bo-young and Ji-sung covered their faces with cute emoticons, but created a friendly atmosphere by holding on to their mother Lee Bo-young’s legs. Previously, Lee Bo-young released a couple photo taken to commemorate her 10th wedding anniversary with Ji-sung. In addition, Lee Bo-young and Ji-sung expressed their continued affection by posting family photos taken with their siblings through their respective SNS accounts.

Actress Lee Cheong-ah, who saw the photo posted by Lee Bo-young that day, drew attention by leaving a comment, “It’s cute.”

Meanwhile, Lee Bo-young and Ji-sung got married in 2013 and have a daughter and a son.

(Seoul = News 1)

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