Lee Bo-young, who joined Son Na-eun’s ‘agency’, will introduce ‘cider’… the final war begins

[뉴스컬처 김기주 기자] In the drama ‘Agency’ Lee Bo-young teams up with Son Na-eun to launch a final counterattack. With only two episodes left until the end, the final battle will unfold to end the delicate war in the company.

JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Agency’ ends this week. Go A-in (Lee Bo-young) and Choi Chang-soo (Cho Seong-ha), who have been fiercely fighting for the position of VC planning representative, and Kang Han-na (Son Na-eun) and Kang-soo (Cho Bok-rae), who has been fighting for succession to the VC group, how will the victory or defeat be decided? With everyone’s attention focused, I highlighted the points from watching the other two episodes.

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No. 1 Lee Bo-young’s last counterattack? “How to make mistakes when you think it’s over.”

The biggest topic at the moment is the ‘resignation’ of the orphan. Although he was on the verge of a “50% increase in sales within 6 months”, Kang Kang-soo used his personal connections to prevent advertising from large companies, making it difficult to reach the goal within the six days remaining, and Go Ah -in submitted his resignation to CEO Cho (Park Ji-il) as promised.

However, the orphan is not expected to go away smoothly like this. In the preview video for the 15th episode, which was released right after the last broadcast, Kang Han-na was caught persuading her to meet someone because she has a public enemy. Furthermore, “When you think it’s over, you’re wrong. wait I will definitely make a mistake,” as if looking for an opportunity to turn around, making her look forward to her final counterattack. Having overcome every crisis with a creative strategy that exceeds expectations, I look forward to the final two episodes to see if she can turn the tide and set the banner for victory.

Number 2 “I will leave work forever” Is there a possibility that Han Jun-woo will return?

It should also be noted the ‘resignation’ of Kang Han-na’s loyal man on the right Deputy Director Park (Han Jun-woo). Everyone who could know that the two liked each other knew, so Deputy Director Park became the ‘weakness’ of Kang Han-na who wanted to be the successor of the VC group. Unable to spread hydrochloric acid on Kang Han-na’s future, he refused the huge offer from his older brother Kang-su (Jo Bok-rae) to “let him win 300 billion in cash and 100% of the shares of the company that related management’. buildings” and left the VC group forever.

However, his resignation has not yet been processed. The chairman of the VC group, Kang (Song Young-chang), who learned about the relationship between Kang Han-na and Park, had written his hand. It was the heart of a father who wanted Kang Kang-soo to be the vice chairman of the VC Group to end the war between siblings and live happily with the person he loves so much with his daughter.

However, there is something that should not be overlooked here. It is true that Kang Han-na, against her father’s wishes, wants to have work and love. To this end, he once again held hands with the orphans and promised to cooperate. Now that we’ve made the ‘give’ to restart the ad for Woowon Group, which had been suspended, it’s time to ‘take’ it. I wonder what kind of unconventional strategy the two executives who “think strategically and act like madmen” will show, and whether Kang Han-na will be able to catch the two rabbits, the return of Park Deputy Director and preemption in the succession of VC group struggle as she hopes

No. 3 Organs Lee Bo-young, break TF team! Will it break down like this?

The last point to watch is the direction of Go Ah-in’s TF team, which includes Jo Eun-jung (Jeon Hye-jin), Han Byung-soo (Lee Chang-hoon), Seo Jang-woo (Lee Kyung- min ), and Bae Won-hee (Jung Woon-seon). The TF team, formed for Woowon PT Group’s corporate PR advertising competition, where VC planning was at stake, continued to work together as a team and achieved the goal of “50% increase in sales within 6 months”, and which seemed impossible. was In addition, they were also valuable team members who taught her the joy of being “together” with her, who claimed that she was the head of the five organs of the orphan and did not give her side to anyone.

However, Yoo Jeong-seok (played by Jang Hyun-seong), who knew this better than anyone else, proposed disbanding the TF team in a hastily convened executive meeting, saying, “Giving only the very fit workers together weakening the company’s growth engine,” and received approval. . As Choi Chang-soo (Cho Seong-ha) hoped, Go Ah-in failed to achieve the goal of increasing sales by dismantling her leg-like team. However, since the orphan warned of a final counterattack, his internal organs will have to be reactivated. Now, the performance of the orphans and TF team members who have become the “community of destiny” is expected to unfold in the final battle.

Episode 15 of JTBC’s Saturday drama ‘Agency’ will be broadcast at 10:30pm on the 25th.

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