Lee Bo-young’s ‘Operation Nongae’ is Jang Hyun-seong’s treacherous ‘agency’… Great counterattack before the final episode

[뉴스컬처 김기주 기자] Lee Bo-young from the drama ‘Agency’ managed to dramatically escape the resignation crisis with the help of CEO Park Ji-il. And before the final episode, her counterattack was announced, raising expectations for the final battle to the top. The audience score was 13.8% in the metropolitan area and 13.1% nationwide. (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on employed households)

In the 15th episode of JTBC’s Saturday drama ‘The Agency’, broadcast on the 25th, the orphan (Lee Bo-young), who was in danger of leaving the company, overcame it and prepared a stepping stone for a reversal. The reason he turned down an ad for the second financial sector that could increase sales by 50% within six months and quit his job as managing director was because the ad was “a case where you shouldn’t do it because that’s what you do it best.”

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Knowing better than anyone how terrible the experience of being afflicted by creditors due to her parents’ unmanageable debt is, Go Ah-in decided to keep her conscience as little as possible as well as her pride as an advertiser.

The person who gave her a helping hand was Cho Moon-ho (Park Ji-il), the head of VC Planning. After accepting Go Ah-in’s resignation, he went straight to the most powerful person in the VC group, Chairman Wang (Jeon Kook-hwan), and asked him to run the suspended ad. This was because he wanted to see how far an orphan would go and what he could achieve, saying, “Can we watch a company that is going to grow fast go bankrupt?” The condition of this deal was for him to withdraw from the front line and withdraw his plan to spend leisurely and freely until retirement, and return to the ‘battlefield’ again.

Photo = Capture video 'Agency'
Photo = Capture video ‘Agency’

The orphan, who had another chance at CEO Cho’s sacrifice, listened to his request first, “Please Kang Han-na (Na-eun’s Son).” Kang Han-na, the youngest daughter of VC group chairman Kang (Song Young-chang), had a genius sense of reading poetry, but was also an immature child who had just started her corporate life.

As a result, he is not even a subtle opponent of his older brother Kang Kang-soo (Cho Bok-rae), who is due to be appointed the next vice chairman of the VC group. In order for her to have the upper hand in the VC group’s succession battle, she needed practical experience and skilled skill in fighting numbers, and Go Ah-in was the right person to teach her. She promised Kang Han-na, “From now on, I will teach you everything I can, without deceiving or using you.”

Kang Han-na, following Go Ah-in’s advice, calmly said, “Deputy director Park is not my weakness. I admit I made a mistake. A company without a deputy director is scary. Please stay by my side.” It was a moment when Kang Han-na, who was more emotional than logical, grew a little more thanks to the orphan. Here also an orphan came out and said, “Since we have a public enemy, we have work to do. Let’s give back what we got,” Deputy Director Park persuaded. Go Ah-in, who “thinks strategically and acts like a crazy whore,” and Kang Han-na, and Deputy Director Park, who returned with the “Let’s go crazy now” miasma, were expected.

Photo = Capture video 'Agency'
Photo = Capture video ‘Agency’

There were also unexpected twists. The betrayal of Yoo Jung-seok (Jang Hyeon-seong), who was Go Ah-in’s mentor but had joined forces with his rival Choi Chang-soo (Cho Seong-ha), was actually a bait to be discovered and destroy his weakness from within. After participating in the PT advertising competition for Woosung Milk under the direction of Choi Chang-soo, he discovered that Choi Chang-soo’s winning strategy was to offer Woosung Milk to all cafeterias of VC Group affiliates.

It was an unfair way for conglomerates to trample small advertising agencies with their capital. Yoo Jeong-seok appeared on a live news broadcast and exposed the bare face of such an advertising agency. In addition, he and Choi Chang-soo ordered the work, and by citing their real names, they dealt a fatal blow to Choi Chang-soo. However, it was ‘Operation Nongae’ for orphans, and he himself could not avoid responsibility.

Another good news came for the orphan who won the upper hand in the war thanks to the sacrifice of Cho and Yoo Jeong-seok. “How to make a mistake when you think you’ve won or it’s all over,” said the woman who waited for the right time to hear the news that the VC Group headquarters informed VC Construction about a contract with an actor was self – restraint for drink driving. Sensing that there was some sort of bargain, the orphan smiled with a contrite smile, saying, “I will have to get the prince off the horse soon.” The final episode of JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Agency,’ where Go Ah-in’s last great counterattack is expected, will be broadcast today at 10:30pm on the 26th.

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