Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung after 8 years of marriage… In the end, it was revealed that the couple was in ‘here’

The fun daily life of actors Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung was revealed.

Actor Lee Byung-hun recently posted a lot of selfies on his Instagram.

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My wife Lee Min-jung left a comment here.

Lee Min-jung first pointed out Lee Byung-hun’s selfie technique. When Lee Byung-hun took a picture in the car at the Busan International Film Festival, Lee Min-jung said, “Let’s stop this angle.” This is because Lee Byung-hun left a selfie without a concept while wearing a cap, glasses and a mask.

Below is Lee Byung-hun's Instagram capture
Below is Lee Byung-hun’s Instagram capture

Since then, Lee Byung-hun’s picture has changed a bit. In the photo that appears to have been taken by someone else, Lee Byung-hun’s profile was taken with the clouds outside the car door in the background.

Immigration was also well-received. He wondered, “Who’s sense is this? For some reason, a new angle, composition, and angle… Clouds reflected in the window?” Netizens responded by saying, “This couple is fun” and “They are dissing each other.”

Lee Min-jung's Instagram
Lee Min-jung’s Instagram



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