“‘Lee Byung-hun Blackmail’ BJ Kim Si-won… Earned 700 million won with a star balloon in 5 days” – Herald Business

BJ Kim Siwon. [아프리카TV 캡처]

[헤럴드경제=최원혁 기자] BJ Kim Si-won (activist Da-hee), a former member of the girl group Glam, who caused a stir for threatening actor Lee Byung-hun, earned more than 700 million won by receiving 6.7 million star balloons in November.

According to Pontoday, an African TV star balloon counting site, on the 2nd, Kim Si-won received 6,756,530 star balloons last month and took the first place in the African TV star balloon ranking. The annual ranking was 7th, and until December 3rd, a total of 21,214,096 star balloons were received.

The price of one star balloon, a paid sponsorship item of Afreeca TV, is 110 won. Kim Si-won, who is known to have aired for 12 hours on the 5th of last month, received a star balloon in the month of November worth 743.21 million won. In addition, if you add donations and YouTube revenue, it is estimated that the income will increase even more.

Meanwhile, Siwon Kim, who was a member of the group Glam, demanded 5 billion won by threatening to film and distribute the obscene rumors he shared with Lee Byung-hun in 2014 with a mobile phone. Lee Byung-hun immediately filed a complaint with the police, and Kim Si-won was later sentenced to prison in the first trial, but the sentence was commuted to one year in prison and two years of probation at the appeals court. Due to this incident, Glam, to which Dahee belonged, was disbanded.

After that, in 2018, after changing the name from Dahee to Kim Siwon, it resumed broadcasting through Afreeca TV.

At the time, he confessed about the reason for starting the broadcast, saying, “I really wanted to sing, so I started broadcasting, and the support and help of those around me gave me courage.”



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