Lee Chan-won, was caught singing a congratulatory song… Kim Sook “Is it the same microphone?”

Photo = ‘Kim Sook TV’ YouTube channel

[스포츠한국 김두연 기자] Lee Chan-won’s appearance singing a wedding song was revealed.

On the 27th, the YouTube channel ‘Kim Sook TV’ posted a video titled ‘Show Window Couple Kim Sook X Yoon Jung Soo reunited at someone else’s wedding hall’.

In the video, Kim Sook attended the manager’s wedding. Kim Sook, who arrived two hours early at the wedding at 11 o’clock, made people laugh as she put on make-up and trimmed her clothes.

Afterwards, Kim Sook met colleagues like Lee Young-ja, Hwang Hyun-hee, and Kim Ji-sun and had a good time. In particular, Kim Sook drew attention by singing a congratulatory song with her ex-husband (?) Yoon Jeong-soo. The two previously appeared as a virtual couple in JTBC’s ‘With You Season 2 – The Greatest Love’.

Lee Chan-won appeared after Kim Sook and Yoon Jeong-soo’s congratulatory song. Lee Chan-won received cheers from the guests for his passionate performance even on an unofficial stage. In particular, Kim Sook, who sang the congratulatory song earlier, expressed her regret by saying, “Is it the same microphone?”