Lee Chul-gyu “Naver’s ‘Big Brother’, even if the liver is swollen, it is swollen”

▲ Cheol-gyu Lee, Secretary General of People’s Power

General Secretary of People’s Power Lee Cheol-gyu said, “I will not stand by and watch the arrogant behavior of Naver, which shows the behavior of Big Brother who almost rules the Republic of Korea beyond monopoly.”

General Secretary Lee said at a countermeasure meeting in a hospital today (28th), “We will press for a review of the law to remove the behavior of passing on the damage to owners and users of small and medium businesses by taking advantage of the fact that giant companies like Naver has dominated the platform.” He said this.

He said, “Recently, there has been a case of tricking the public into clicking on advertising information, such as Naver’s electronic document notification.” It’s inflated,” he criticized.

He pointed out, “It is something that could turn the country upside down, but surprisingly many people do not know this fact.” “All this is happening because Naver dominates the news.”

In addition, “Recently, although fake reviews on Naver shopping malls arouse the anger of users, only Naver is a problem because it is not subject to punishment,” he said. We are consistent,” he said.

“There are similar problems in the case of Naver News,” he said. “It is common for fake news and biased reports to be spread to the public through a platform called Naver News, but Naver takes no responsibility.”

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