Lee Da-young putting a volleyball ball into the ‘basketball goal’, reactions poured in (+video)

A video of Da-young Lee being happy after successfully shooting a volleyball ball into the basketball hoop was released and drew attention.

On the 24th (hereafter Korean time), a short video was uploaded on the Greek PAOK official account along with the words “Dayoung Dayoung’s European Day congratulations (commemorative video)” ahead of the CEV Cup round of 32 match.

PAOK Instagram

In the video, Da-young Lee threw a volleyball into the basketball hoop and jumped in joy. It is speculated that Da-young Lee practiced or played volleyball at the stadium.

On the 11th, he drew attention when it was revealed that he was playing in a basketball court, not a volleyball stadium.

Lee Da-young, who played on the basketball court on the 11th / YouTube
Dayoung Lee, who played on the basketball court on the 11th / YouTube ‘PAONTV’

Fans who watched the video showed various reactions such as “Fighting today’s match”, “Cute”, “Pretty girl. I love Lee Da-young”, “Be strong”, “So cool”, “I want to see Lee Jae-young too soon”, etc.

Dayoung Lee participated in the ‘2022 European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Cup’ round of 32 match against Asterix AVO held at PAOK Sports Arena in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 25th.

Dayoung Lee, who started in the starting lineup, played an active role and led the team to victory. After this victory confirmed their progress to the round of 16 of the Cup, Da-young Lee embraced her teammates and shared the joy.

Below is PAOK's Instagram
Below is PAOK’s Instagram

Meanwhile, her twin sister, Jae-young Lee, who joined PAOK with Da-young Lee, returned to Korea on the 12th due to a knee injury. Lee Jae-young is expected to return at the end of this year or early next year after surgery and rehabilitation.

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