Lee Dae-ho, my grandmother who raised me, died, unable to see her success, tears (goodbye)

[마이데일리 = 박서연 기자] Former baseball player Lee Dae-ho sheds tears as he admits that his late grandmother made him who he is today.

On the 21st at 10:40 pm on the general programming channel MBN entertainment program ‘Hello House’, Eugene, Eun Ji-won, and Hwang Je-seong, the hosts of ‘Hello House,’ meet the third guests, Lee Dae-ho and Jung-hoon, and share their baseball life stories.

On this day, Eugene, Eun Ji-win, and Hwang Je-seong cannot hide their expectations about what kind of wishes are contained in ‘Hi-Bye Box’. On opening the box, it contained sneakers measuring 300mm in size and simple wish lists such as “I want to go on a school trip” and “I want to eat flavored bean leaves”, raising curiosity.

Raising curiosity about who would be the guest who wants to feel the preciousness of everyday life, former baseball players Lee Dae-ho and Jung-hoon, who are 194 cm tall, appear and excite the ‘hello keeper’. Player Lee Dae-ho said, “I’ve never been on a school trip,” and said he wanted to experience a daily life that he hadn’t enjoyed because of his lifelong practice. Eugene and Eun Ji-win empathize strongly with this. This is because they have never been on a school trip as they have been working as singers since high school.

Lee Dae-ho said, “The sneakers in ‘Hi-Bye Box’ are the sneakers I wore at the retirement ceremony. Also, bean leaf seasoning is a food that my grandmother used to make when I was a child. My mother raised- gu me by selling seasoned bean leaves, which cost 500 won per 100 leaves.”

The production crew said, “Lee Dae-ho admits his sorrow, regret, and longing for his grandmother who died without seeing his success. Also, through his story about how there were people who always became a light even under difficult circumstances, you will be able to confirm the fact that the world is still warm.” he said.

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