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Lee Dong-guk’s daughter Jae-ah reveals her tennis skills for the first time (Mom Cafe): Sports Dong-a

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Jae-ah tries to win the international tennis tournament.

In the 6th episode of Season 2 of T-Cast E-channel ‘Comfortable Cafe’, which will be aired on the 28th, Jae-Ah, the daughter of ‘The Lion King’ Lee Dong-guk, will participate in the ATF International Junior Tennis Tournament. The process from the first match of the tournament to the final will be revealed for the first time on the air.

Jae-ah grew up by listening to advice from real-life experience from “Legend of Tennis” Lee Hyeong-taek. In particular, he prepared a notebook with useful phrases to read during the match and prepared himself for the first match.

Lee Dong-guk decided to give Jae-a pocket money if she had a ceremony whenever she scored an important point during a match. It was Lee Dong-guk’s wish that Jae-ah could enjoy the fierce competition for the championship.

Jaea participates in the ATF International Junior Tennis Tournament the next day. Jae-ah, who is usually close to her younger brother and strong contender for the championship, succeeded in scoring consecutive goals with a powerful attack from the first set.

Choi Hee is surprised, saying, “It’s like Sharapova,” watching Jae-ah, who is ranked No. 1 in Korea’s junior ranking, play. Members of ‘Comfortable Cafe’ also pour out their exclamations while watching Jae-ah’s calm rally and powerful serve.

Jae-ah faces a crisis by making mistakes one after another while continuing a tight battle for leadership in the middle of the game. In response, Lee Dong-guk calms his heart by saying, “I’ll have to take a look at the notebook…” in the audience.

Whether Jae-ah will check the notes she took at the moment when the match does not work out as she promised with Lee Dong-guk, or will the ceremony she promised for Lee Dong-guk, you can check in episode 6 of Season 2 of ‘Comfortable Cafe’.

In addition, in this broadcast, a special camping cooking recipe that Jang Yoon-jung and Hong Hyun-hee learn from Chef Lee Yeon-bok will be revealed.

Season 2 of ‘Comfortable Cafe’ delivers information that is useful in real life as well as fun through episodes that resonate with housewives. It is broadcast every Monday at 8:50 pm on T-Cast E channel, and you can watch it on Netflix. You can get the latest news in real time through the official Instagram and YouTube E-channel.

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