Lee Dong-guk’s son grows up to be a golf genius… I can’t cheat the genes

(Export News Reporter Baek Min-kyung) Former soccer player Lee Dong-guk’s son Daebak-i boasted about his amazing golf skills.

On the 20th, Lee Soo-jin posted a video on her Instagram story with the caption, “I want to brag to Seokpro, so I put on a soccer jersey as soon as I arrived.” He added, “I’m proud of it.”

In the video, Daebak is playing golf. He showed a cool swing with a stable posture. A distance of 125 m was recorded.

The pro who taught Daebak approved, and Daebak high-fived the pro as if he was in a good mood. At 9 years old, he is proud of his amazing skills.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-guk is married to Lee Soo-jin, a former Miss Korea, and has one son and four daughters. The youngest son, Daebak, is prominent in the world of golf and football.

Photo = Lee Soo-jin’s Instagram

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