Lee El, who shot a drenching show, goes to the private pool… Wasting water?

When actor Lee El, who shot Psy’s messy show, revealed that he had rented a private swimming pool while on holiday, she criticized him as ‘neighbourhood’, and Elle expressed her displeasure. / Photo = Lee’s Instagram

[내외경제TV] Reporter Lee Young-jong = Actor Lee El, who shot Psy’s drenching show, revealed that he rented a private swimming pool while on vacation, and criticized it as a ‘neighbourhood’, and Lee El expressed his displeasure.

On July 30th, Elle posted on her personal SNS, “I’m going swimming with my mom for the first time in 30 years.” “I’m going to a place with a unique swimming pool, where should I buy my. mom clothes for swimming? I think of them as comfortable shorts and T-shirts that dry well. . My mom would hate swimsuits,” she posted.

Earlier, in June, EL said on SNS in June about ‘Water Bomb Seoul 2022’, which uses hundreds of tons of water, and singer Psy’s ‘Drenched Show’, “I wish I could spray 300 tons of water on the Soyang River for the Water Bomb Concert.”

In this situation, netizens criticized EL, who won the ‘drenching show’, for going on holiday to a place with a private swimming pool.

As if to answer this, on the 10th, EL expressed dissatisfaction by posting an additional article on SNS saying, “I don’t think there’s anything I can do.”

However, the total storage capacity of Soyanggang Dam is 2.9 billion tons, and the amount of water used for the Psy Soup Show is 300 tons.

Daegu Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation estimated that the expected number of people to watch the performance of the show is up to 25,000 per day, which will use 120kg of water per person.

On the other hand, in the case of a home swimming pool, even a small pool with a width of 1.5 m, length of 2.2 m, height of 0.6 m will use 1,662 kg of water.

In other words, unless EL went to a smaller swimming pool, more water was used, and even if the water to be used for the soaking show was discharged into the Soyang River as EL said, it can be considered insignificant.

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