Lee Eon-joo “Destroys Hong Jun-pyo and sang Yoon Hee-gwan, ruining the country”

Former Member of Parliament Lee Eon-joo. Reporter Yoon Chang-won
people’s power After the meeting between candidate Yoon Seok-yeol and former lawmaker Hong Jun-pyo on the 21st, former lawmaker Lee Eon-joo said, “If it is a nongdan such as Yoon Hek-kwan (a key person in charge of Yun Seok-yeol), it will ruin the candidate and the country.”said

On the same day, former lawmaker Lee said on his Facebook page, “The president carries great weight and has to reconcile numerous conflicts and interests, but will he handle it this way every time?”

On the 19th, Rep. Hong and Yoon discussed whether to join the Election Countermeasures Headquarters at a bilateral meeting. After the meeting, Rep. Hong is the target of the re-election. According to CBS Nocut News, the fact that former Chief Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung of Jongno-en in Seoul and Jungnam-gu of Daegu proposed to strategically nominate Lee Jin-hoon, former head of Suseong-gu,[단독]Revealed through “Hong Jun-pyo, Yoon Seok-yeol and Choi Jae-hyung’s request for the nomination of former Auditor General of Jongno”) It became controversial.

Former lawmaker Lee said, “The conversation between the two leaders came out of a private meeting.” said.

He continued, “It was shocking to me that the main topics of the meeting, such as the declaration of corruption by the wife and the presidential election strategy, unification, and the spirit of the times, came and went, but the topic of nomination became the main theme of the meeting. The two of them reached a consensus in a friendly state, and the discussion of the nomination was part of a local conversation that was shared without much disagreement in terms of the presidential election strategy.It was said,” he emphasized.

National Assembly Photo FoundationNational Assembly Photo Foundation

After meeting with Yoon at the time, Rep. Hong revealed that through ‘Youth’s Dream’, he demanded two things from Yoon: a guarantee of state management ability and a strict declaration of wife-in-law.

Former lawmaker Lee said, “I don’t know if there are any interests of Yoon Hak officers in the area (re-election), but it is still work to communicate with Rep. Hong first and explain the situation.” “It seems that this was done to disband the original team for one of two reasons, whether it was because of his wife’s strict declaration of corruption, or because Yoon Hee-kwan thought that their share would be reduced.”

therefore “Politics of integration is one of the spirits of the times, but what will the people think of those who insult competitors, hit the back of the head, and conduct subtraction politics in this way?“What is the difference between the hegemony of the Moon Jae-in regime and the politics of madness, hatred and conflict of the sects?”



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