Lee Eun-hae and Jo Hyeon-soo’s ‘Murder Valley’ postponed … “Allegations need to be reviewed”

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The trial of Lee Eun-hae, who was accused of killing her husband by dropping her husband into a valley, and his ex-girlfriend, Jo Hyun-soo, has been postponed.

The 15th Criminal Division of the Incheon District Court postponed the decision trial for the two people, scheduled for this afternoon, and conducted only additional evidence investigation and questioning of the accused.

Accordingly, the prosecution’s application and the accused’s final statement, scheduled for today, have been postponed.

Before the newspaper, the court said, “The prosecution has reconstructed the indictment by arranging the situation after the drowning and the actions of the accused, while leaving the ‘murder by title’ as it is . What’s the purpose?” he asked.

In response, the prosecution said, “We judge this case as murder by omission,” but “It is important that the facts are recognized, not to rule out murder by omission altogether.”

Then, the court said, “As a spouse, there is no obligation to save, and it is difficult to judge the murder by negligence just because you did not save him.”

The court then asked the prosecution to submit an opinion on what kind of rescue measures they should have taken towards the victim in terms of the accused’s defense rights.

A situation where an act prohibited by law is directly carried out is called an ‘act’, and a case where an act is not carried out is called an ‘omission’ In general, murder by action is punished more heavily than murder by omission.

Jo Hyun-soo, who appeared in the courtroom wearing a yellow shroud, denied the murder charges, saying, “At that time, I couldn’t see even an inch in front of the water, so I continued to search by turning the water. with my hands and feet.”

He also completely denied the allegation that he tried to kill the victim by feeding him a dish mixed with fugu poison, and claimed that he made a false statement due to a forced investigation by the prosecution at the time.

Eun-hae Lee and Hyun-soo Jo were previously arrested and tried for murder on June 30, 2019, in Yongso Valley, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, on charges of murdering Lee’s husband, Yoon-mo.

Prosecutors determined that they deliberately killed Yoon, who could not swim, to jump into the water of the valley without rescue equipment, aiming to win 800 million in life insurance money in the name of the victim.

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