Lee Geun returns to Korea… “Return to Rehabilitation Treatment”

picture explanationFormer Captain Lee Geun (38) returns home for treatment. Photo|Ukraine International Brigade SNS

Geun Lee, a YouTuber who used to be a captain of the Navy Special Warfare Team (UDT/SEAL) who is currently serving as an international volunteer in Ukraine, is returning to Korea.

The Ukrainian International Brigade posted on social media on the 19th that “Our brother and friend Ken Lee (former Captain Lee’s American name) was wounded on the battlefield. He received treatment from the Ukrainian army, but will return home for rehabilitation. announced

“He will resume his military service soon and come back to protect the people of Ukraine. We wish Ken a speedy recovery and look forward to his return.” He thanked you for your hard work.”

On March 6, Lee Geun announced on his SNS that he had departed for the Ukrainian International Volunteer Army. On March 30, he said, “We have gathered foreign agents from the United States and the United Kingdom to form a special operations team.

The team I formed received and performed several secret missions,” he said, revealing that he was wearing a military uniform and armed with a bulletproof hat and gun.

On the 15th, in a post on the YouTube channel ‘ROKSEAL’, Lee Geun’s side said, “Former Captain Lee Geun was recently injured while commanding a special reconnaissance mission in the enemy territory.”

Ukraine currently has a travel advisory level 4. If you visit or stay in Ukraine without government permission, where Level 4 of the travel warning has been issued, which is a travel ban, you can face up to one year in prison or a fine of up to 10 million won.

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