Lee Guk-joo won 30,000 for skewering… “Don’t leave me alone” on Tokyo’s murderous waterfront

Lee Guk-joo. picture| Lee Guk-joo SNS

Comedian Lee Guk-joo was furious with the waterfront in Tokyo, Japan.

On the 21st, Lee Guk-ju posted on Instagram, “He won 30,000 for a skewer, he won 60,000 like this. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t leave you alone,” she wrote and posted a picture.

In the photo released together, the delicious skewers were included. In particular, the four pieces of meat on the skewers drew attention, but considering that each skewer costs 30,000 won, the price is unreasonably expensive.

On the same day, Lee Guk-joo wittily shared a review and posted a video, saying, “It’s delicious, so I’ll watch it.” In the released video, Lee Guk-joo tasted a bite of the skewer and nodded in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Lee Guk-joo appeared on MBN’s entertainment program ‘For the First Time in Our Lives’, which was first broadcast on the 19th.

‘For the First Time in Our Lives’ is a hyper-reality travel entertainment show where Noh Hong-cheol, KCM, and Lee Guk-joo travel to unfamiliar places with strangers, providing sympathy, laughter, joy and tears. It airs every Sunday at 9:30 PM on MBN.

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