Lee Ha-nui “Live as an actor is in vain”… Frustrated by Kim Dong-hyun’s parade of wrong answers [RE:TV]

tvN broadcast screen capture

Actress Lee Ha-nui was active in ‘Amazing Saturday’. In particular, Kim Dong-hyun’s frustrated reaction to the wrong answer brought laughter.

In the television variety show ‘Amazing Saturday’, which was broadcast on the 28th, Lee Ha-nui and Park So-dam, the main characters of the film ‘Ghost’, appeared as guests.

On this day, Lee Ha-nui worked enthusiastically on ‘Nolto’. First, he said earlier, “I was going to take off the name tag Seung-ryong senior (Ryu) in the entertainment show where I took off the name tag, and with that decision, my finger came out and i wore cast, and that’s how I did the man who suffered.” I will go there in a friendly atmosphere.”

Lee Ha-nui went to the right answer zone to hit Solar’s ‘honey’ in the first round. He closed his eyes tightly, fearing that he would be hit by the corn that would come out in case he failed, but when the members said, “Answer unconditionally,” he opened his eyes wide and became brave to facing her, catching everyone’s attention.

Then, while the ‘doppelganger’ snack quiz was taking place, at the end, the guest of the day, Lee Ha-nui, appeared and presented the problem of guessing the work so far. When the work of Lee Ha-nui, who has shown representative works, appeared, everyone seemed to know, but Kim Dong-hyun responded with ‘Capture Prosecutor’ and ‘Black Priests’, making them burst into laughter. In response, Lee Ha-nui said, “I didn’t waste my acting career,” and the members comforted him, saying, “You shouldn’t be hurt by Kim Dong-hyun.”

In particular, Lee Ha-nui gave a direct hint about ‘Won the Woman’, but Kim Dong-hyun saw it and shouted “Ah!” and then he replied, ‘Strong city women’, drawing a laugh. In the end, after several suggestions, he got the answer for ‘The Fiery Priest’ and ‘Winning the Wife’, and Lee Ha-nui said, “I thought I should work harder.”


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