Lee Ha-nui, “Preparation for abortion at 18 weeks of pregnancy due to the possibility of a baby in the womb…”

Photo = Captured from CBS ‘Let’s Renew’

[뉴스컬처 김기주 기자] Actress Lee Ha-nui brought tears to her eyes as she revealed a behind-the-scenes story about her pregnancy and birth process.

Lee Ha-nui appeared on CBS’s ‘Let’s Renew’ and revealed the process of pregnancy and birth.

She said, “My husband and I were a long-distance couple, and while I was filming ‘Won the Woman,’ my husband went on a business trip to Hong Kong for three months. I met my husband briefly in September, and then I got pregnant. ” he began to speak.

“I was very sleepy and there was such a change, so I took a pregnancy test and there were two lines. I couldn’t believe it, so I tested it three times. “I was skeptical. But when I was pregnant, it was The moment I cut the umbilical cord, the nutrients turn into breast milk They say 98% of contraception is done by breastfeeding It felt like the divine world and the human world at the same time. A job with more perfection than giving birth. I wondered if I could do it until I died. I wondered how I could do something more complete than starting a human being as an embryo, raising it and sending it out into the world.”

Photo = Captured from CBS 'Let's Renew'
Photo = Captured from CBS ‘Let’s Renew’

But the suffering came in the process of giving birth. Lee Ha-nui said, “Originally, (the child) was healthy, but at the time of pregnancy, I received a call from a university hospital asking me to do a gene tracing test. It said, ‘Be prepared because you might have i’ w do too.’ She was 18 weeks then, and I closed the door to the clinic and came out, but she completely collapsed.”

Lee Ha-nui said, “I did an amniocentesis and waited for the results, but I didn’t know what kind of spirit I was in. Every day I cried and prayed, ‘Please pity the life in my belly. ‘ I prayed with my husband. I hardly slept then.” I received a call saying I was negative and my child was safe. Instead of saying ‘thank you very much’, I thought about the mother and the children who would have That’s why I couldn’t be more grateful They say that becoming a parent makes you an adult My child I was able to come out of death and come to life, and although I may have a disability, I was born healthy, I look after the child we give it and raise it,” he admitted.

Regarding pregnancy and childbirth, Lee Ha-nui said, “I recommend it to actresses and younger children around me, saying, ‘You have to try this’. This is a woman’s privilege. Don’t be fear and feel the mystery of two hearts beating in one body.” The perspective of life after giving birth has completely changed.”

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity in December 2021. After seven months, she gave birth to a daughter in June last year, drawing attention.

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