Lee Hye-jung “I almost broke up with Lee Hee-jun before the wedding”… mention of parental divorce [RE:TV]

Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ capture © News 1

Lee Hye-jung told the story of how she almost broke up before getting married.

In the Channel A entertainment program ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, which was broadcast on the 3rd, model Lee Hye-jeong appeared and drew attention by revealing her love story with her husband, actress Lee Hee-jun.

Hyejeong Lee remembered the first meeting. “I went to a designer’s birthday party, and they were friends,” he said, saying he fell in love at first sight. He continued, “At that time, it was (Hong) Seok-cheon’s brother’s shop, and my husband had pale cheeks and plain clothes. He looked very innocent,” he added.

Hyejeong Lee also expressed her respect for Heejun Lee. “My husband is 99.9% hard-working type. I fell in love with that look. It’s cool because he works hard. It’s one of the parts I respect even now.”

Not long after they started dating, rumors of a love affair broke out, and rumors of marriage broke out. Hyejeong Lee confessed that she was scared, saying, “I wanted to get married, but it suddenly unfolded quickly.” He thought, “Will I be able to live well? I am the person I will be with in the 100-year-old era.”

In particular, Lee Hye-jung said, “There is no divorce in my dictionary, that was a big deal for me,” and “because my parents divorced.” Then, “I think I asked you to hold me because I was confused,” he confessed, “I wrote a letter to (Lee Hee-jun) a month before the wedding.

Hyejeong Lee said, “My husband did nothing wrong. I was confused, so I didn’t know if this was right even if I didn’t do it wrong. But I wanted him to hold me. (Lee Hee-jun) There was a riot asking to find me for a week or two.” We had the last conversation. My husband was in a very bad condition at that time, and I saw that. I was sorry. I was convinced that we could go together.”


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