Lee Hye-young expresses concern and support for ex-husband Lee Sang-min: A Closer Look into their Relationship

Broadcaster Lee Hye-young has expressed her sincere concern and support for her ex-husband, Lee Sang-min. In a recent video uploaded to the ‘Not Hateable Gwanjong Unnie’ channel, Lee Ji-hye, a fashion enthusiast, sought the advice of Lee Hye-young, who is known for her impeccable fashion sense.

During the video, Lee Ji-hye praised Lee Hye-young, describing her as a genuine and kind-hearted person. Lee Sang-min’s former wife is also known for her wealth, being hailed as the richest person in the entertainment industry. Lee Hye-young revealed that she wasn’t born into a rich family but had always been interested in fashion. She even went to Japan to purchase unique and unavailable clothing items when luxury goods were just entering Korea.

It was also revealed that Lee Ji-hye and Lee Hye-young have a close relationship, with Lee Ji-hye even referring to Lee Hye-young as her sister. Lee Hye-young shared fond memories of Lee Ji-hye and acknowledged her singing talent. The two shared a laughter-filled conversation, reminiscing about their past encounters.

Lee Ji-hye expressed her gratitude towards Lee Hye-young, who was a source of inspiration for her. They first met on the show ‘Idol Singles’, and Lee Ji-hye was touched by Lee Hye-young’s warm treatment. Reflecting on their past, Lee Hye-young emphasized the importance of cherishing old memories rather than avoiding them. Lee Ji-hye praised Lee Hye-young’s current happiness and wished for a happy future for her.

Lee Ji-hye suggested leaving a video message for Lee Sang-min, but Lee Hye-young hesitated due to their past divorce and subsequent legal battles. However, she expressed her heartache over Lee Sang-min’s struggle to remarry. Lee Ji-hye jokingly mentioned how Lee Hye-young thought the Hermes gift she received during her pregnancy was a sign to do well in life. They both wished for a joyous family reunion in the future.

In a final remark, Lee Ji-hye expressed her admiration for Lee Hye-young’s Hollywood-like lifestyle, which she believes sets a trend for Korean singles. It should be noted that Lee Hye-young married Lee Sang-min in 2004 but divorced the following year. She later remarried a non-famous businessman in 2011 and now has two daughters.

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[OSEN=김나연 기자] Broadcaster Lee Hye-young expressed her sincere concern and support for her ex-husband Lee Sang-min.

On the 28th, a video titled “Lee Hye-young’s shocking comments! (Video letter to ex-husband, first released)” was uploaded to the ‘Not Hateable Gwanjong Unnie’ channel.

On this day, Lee Ji-hye explained, “Doesn’t the old money look popular these days? I know about fashion, but when it comes to fashion, I think I need meet a strong fashionista for advice, so I’m going to meet Lee Hye-young, the housewife of ‘Idol Singles’, and get advice on fashion.”

He said, “I will tell you about Hyeyoung when I meet her, but she is a very pure and nice person. When my second daughter was born, she gave me Hermes as a gift. She is rich. She is the richest person in the entertainment industry.”

Lee Hye-young, who appeared later, won admiration with her perfect ‘old money look’. Lee Hye-young said, “I wasn’t born into a rich family, but I think I spent a lot of money on clothes when I was young. When luxury goods had just entered Korea, I curious about what was going on. buy, so I went to Japan to check, so I wore a lot of things that weren’t available in Korea.” he expressed interest.

In response, Lee Ji-hye said, “Not only did she do it, she was also the stylist. The stylist in our shop is also my sister. Everyone is surprised, but actually it’s hard to mention about our store right now. She created it,” and shared the relationship she started with Lee Hye-young’s ex-husband Lee Sang-min.

Lee Ji-hye asked a question, “When I saw Lee Ji-hye in the store then, was she cheesy or not,” and Lee Hye-young replied, “Besides, she sings well right. That was the first thing Because all the other girls couldn’t sing, right?” Next, to the question, “Lee Ji-hye the Shop was pretty then and she’s pretty now,” she answered “now” without hesitation, making everyone laugh.

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Lee Ji-hye then said, “That’s too much,” but also expressed her gratitude, saying, “She was my star back then, and then I met her on ‘Idol Singles.’ When we met, she treated me so warmly. I was so touched.” Lee Hye-young said, “She’s a person with memories,” and Lee Ji-hye joked, “I gave birth to a baby, and the moment Hermes gave me, she thought it must for me to do well for the rest of my life.”

In particular, Lee Hye-young said, “Children have strange warm memories,” referring to Lee Sang-min, and said, “So, I thought about it, and instead of avoiding that period, I want to talk about old memories.” Lee Ji-hye said, “That’s right, my sister is living very happily right now, no matter what anyone sees,” and Lee Hye-young expressed her sorrow, saying, “She should be happy.”

Lee Ji-hye, who heard this, suggested a video message saying, “Please tell him something,” and Lee Hye-young rebuffed him, saying, “Lee Sang-min, why can’t you get married like this? It breaks my heart.” He then cheered, saying, “It would be great if we met at a broadcasting station. I hope we can have a happy family.”

Lee Ji-hye expressed her sincere admiration, saying, “Isn’t this really Hollywood? In my opinion, Korea’s first Hollywood style is ahead of the single world.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-young married Lee Sang-min in 2004, but divorced the following year. At the time, Lee Sang-min took on a large amount of debt due to a business failure, and Lee Hye-young also became a hot topic by filing multiple lawsuits against Lee Sang-min during the divorce process and engaging in legal battles. Lee Hye-young later remarried a non-famous businessman in 2011 and has two daughters.


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