Lee Hye-young talks about Lee Sang-min in ‘Ex-husband’ “I have nothing, but I’m reckless… I talk too much”

Reporter Jeon Jeon Joo of Money Today | 2023.03.16 19:08

/Photo = ‘Nopaku Tak Jae-hun’ YouTube Channel

Broadcaster Lee Hye-young talked about her ex-husband, singer Lee Sang-min.

Lee Hye-young appeared as a guest on the web entertainment ‘Nopaku Tak Jae-hun’, which was released on the 16th.

In response to MC Tak Jae-hun’s words, “Tell me how to get a beautiful woman,” Lee Hye-young advised, “(The man) must go reckless.” When Tak Jae-hoon said, “I don’t have the money to go reckless,” Lee Hye-young referred to Lee Sang-min and recalled, “What was it like?

Lee Hye-young admitted that her standards for men are very low, saying, “When you approach me recklessly, I think, ‘You really love me.’

/Photo = ‘Nopaku Tak Jae-hun’ YouTube Channel

When asked if there was anyone who didn’t like Lee Sang-min’s appearance in the entertainment program ‘Doll Sing For Man’, he said, “I hope everything goes well,” but expressed his discomfort, saying, “He talks too much about me. If he wants to stop, he’ll talk again.”

When Tak Jae-hun asked, “Wasn’t he also talking about us on another program?” Lee Hye-young said, “I was pissed. I’ve only lived for a year, and I’ve been living with my husband for 11 years now, so why are you talking so much in that program?”

Lee Hye-young married Lee Sang-min in 2004, but divorced in 2005 after a year. In 2011, in Hawaii, USA, a businessman remarried a year older.

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