Lee Hyeri will host the KBS Drama Awards Ceremony and is expected to partner with Jun Hyun-moo | Lee Hyeri | KBS | Jeon Hyun-moo_Sina Entertainment_Sina.com

Lee Hyeri to host the KBS Drama Awards

Sina Entertainment News Korean female artist Lee Hyeri will serve as the host of the KBS Drama Awards.

Lee Hyeri’s agency announced today that Lee Hyeri has confirmed to host this year’s KBS Drama Awards. It is rumored that the famous South Korean host, Jun Hyun-moo, will host the award ceremony together with Lee Hyeri, but KBS TV and Jun Hyun-moo’s agency have not yet responded to this matter.

Lee Hyeri starred in the KBS drama “When the Flower Blooms” this year, and is currently starring in the MBC drama “One as a Hundred Deacons”. Guo Mingdong/text copyright Mydaily prohibits reprinting

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