Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Ha-nui’s ‘Food and Hairy’ make a surprise appearance… Even mentioning Kim Tae-hee to Rain

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Lee Hyo-ri and Honey Lee appeared in the trailer for ‘Food and Furry’.

Entertainment streaming service Netflix’s new entertainment series ‘Food and Furry’ released the main poster and main trailer on the 30th.

‘Food and Fur’ is a relaxing full-course travel variety show where unexpected ‘cheeky’ Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and ‘hairy boy’ Hong-cheol Noh show the fun of various travels across the country. In the main poster, Rain, who is posing on the bike, and Noh Hong-cheol, who is full of fighting, catch the eye first. Here, with the blue sea in the background, the fun journey of Rain and Noh Hong-cheol, who eats, rests and plays, enjoys a relaxing full-course trip, raising expectations.

The main trailer, which was released together, brings a lot of laughter to each scene, and guesses the pleasant atmosphere of the colorful trip that the two will show. Even in bad weather, Rain’s roar of “It’s the first time I’ve felt like this” and Noh Hong-cheol’s firm determination to exclaim, “Netflix! I’ll do my best” raises curiosity about what the two will show in ‘Food and Furry’.

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In particular, the appearance of Lee Hyori, who will appear as a guest with music director Lee Sang-soon in episode 1, and start the journey together, is also welcome. Lee Hyori’s questions about the village murder and the copies of “Crazy eaters of taste” and “Originally crazy hairy ones” raise expectations for each character full of personality that the two will show.

The delicious food that fills the screen and the mouth-watering mukbangs of Rain and Noh Hong-cheol stimulate the viewer’s appetite. A surprise guest actress Honey Lee also appeared. Lee Ha-nui and Rain’s wife and actress Kim Tae-hee are Seoul National University alumni and are from the same ski club. Honey Lee also drew attention by saying, “I will tell (Kim) Tae-hee unnie.”

Rain’s candid words expressing himself and Noh Hong-chul’s journey in one word, “If you’re tired of playing and joking around? Just lying down,” and Noh Hong-cheol’s affectionate words, “I just do what I want to do with you and I like that.” shows the deep friendship between the two.

Rain, Noh Hong-cheol, Kim Tae-ho, Jang Woo-sung, Lee Joo-won PD, and musician Lee Sang-soon will join hands with the steamed friendship travel variety ‘Food and Furry’, which will be released on Netflix on December 11th.

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