Lee Hyo-ri laments the sad reality of dog farms… “Euthanasia if not adopted” (Canada Login)

Hyori Lee talked about the reality of dog farms.
On the 5th episode of tvN’s entertainment program ‘Check in Canada’, broadcast on the 14th (Saturday), Hyo-ri Lee and In-sook Koh went to meet ‘Ppaekkom’, a puppy rescued from a dog farm.

On this day, Hyo-ri Lee asked, “How did you save him?” in the car on the way to meet him. Ko In-suk said, “It was a dog farm with about 100 dogs, but the dog owner gave up the dogs and went to the city.” They said that if they were not adopted for two weeks, they would be euthanized. Hyori Lee said, “I’ve never been to a dog farm. It’s so (mentally) difficult that I don’t think I can go.”

In addition, when Hyo-ri Lee asked, “How many of the 100 dogs went to adoption?”, In-sook Ko replied, “38 dogs went for two weeks.” Then, I asked the public officer in charge for more time, and he told me to choose a puppy that could be adopted. Many dogs were saved, but euthanasia was inevitable. Ko In-sook shed tears as she recalled the arduous rescue process.

Afterwards, there was a reunion of excitement and excitement from Lee Hyo-ri and Ko In-suk. The peek-a-boo, who was nervous at first, later recognized them and approached them. Ko In-suk bid farewell to such a pipe-a-boo, saying, “Live well.”

Meanwhile, ‘Canada Check-in’, which includes the journey Lee Hyo-ri, who has been volunteering for abandoned dogs, went to Canada to meet the dogs she sent to her adoption, broadcast every Saturday at 10:40pm.

iMBC Hyeyoung Kim | tvN screen capture

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