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Lee Hyo-ri, who thought it was over, delivered the big news of’Linda G'(feat.

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Hybrid group Koyo-tae is making a comeback today (27th) with a new song’Deleted’.

Koyota (Kim Jong-min, Shinji, Baekga), the longest mixed group in Korea, releases a new song’Deleted’. ‘Erase’ is known as a song produced by Linda G (Lee Hyo-ri) and is getting more attention.

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‘Erase’ is a song in which Hyori Lee participated in the lyrics and composition, and is a dance song that mixes the retro synth theme and house rhythm of the 90s. ‘Erase’, created with a retro concept in the 90s, is impressive with the lyrics that it will erase the memories of separated lovers.

Koyo-tae’s official YouTube account,’Kyo-Tae-Revision’, released a video of Linda G and Koyo-tae’s song work on the 15th.

‘Koyota Television’ YouTube

This song was given by Linda G, who returned to the best project hybrid group through MBC’What Do You Do When You Play’, to her fellow singer Ko Yo-tae, who was with her contemporaries.

In particular, Koyota released’Oh My Summer’, which was released as a song candidate for Sakthree in’What Do You Do When You Play’ last summer. Koyota said indirectly through a YouTube video that she would like to receive one of the budding songs, and she successfully finished the activity by digesting the song in Koyota style.

“Completely full…” Koyo-tae came with news of the first night after a week of comeback (Video) Surprise news from Ko-Yo-tae

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Koyota, who became popular this year with various broadcasts and new songs, released this song in collaboration with Linda G to respond to fans’ requests to listen to the existing Koyote-style dance music again.

Lee Hyo-ri Instagram

Koyota, who debuted in 1998, was loved by the public for her exciting and cheerful Korean dance music. ‘Soon Jung’,’Meeting’,’Emergency’,’Pact’,’Blue’, and’Breakdown’, and many other hit songs were created, and through steady music activities, it has established itself as a representative mixed dance group in the music industry.

Koyota, who celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, released the album’REborn’ to commemorate this, and held the first solo concert’Koyota 20th Isback’. Recently, Koyota is actively communicating with fans through the YouTube channel’Koyota TV’.

Meanwhile, Koyotae’s new song’Deleted’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 27th.

YouTube,’Koyota Television’


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