Lee Jae-myeong “檢, as if leading Nam-wook’s acting… directing failure”

“Goal setting and abuse of state power”

▲ Representative Lee Jae-myeong from the Democratic Party speaking at the Supreme Council meeting held at the National Assembly on the morning of the 7th. 2022.12.7. random news

Lee Jae-myung, head of the Democratic Party, criticized the prosecution’s investigation into him, saying that “the ability to direct is a point of failure.”

Representative Lee said at the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party on the 7th, “I hear a lot about changing my current pen name to ‘Sir’ Lee Jae-myeong,” and said, “This seed is not a seed, but weaver’s seed. Seed.”

He continued, “I said before that the creative ability of the prosecution is poor. I thought my acting skills were bad, but looking at it now, it seems my directing skills are also very bad.”

He mentioned the lawyer Nam-wook and said, “I think the prosecution may be giving temporary guidance so that I can act, but I thought that the ability to direct is also a very flawed point.”

He also criticized, “The prosecution, exercising the power of the state over such a big issue, does not seek the truth and investigate the facts, but sets a target and manipulates it, and abuses power the state as a means of political revenge and political erasure. “.

Previously, on the 5th, Lawyer Nam, who appeared as a witness in the Daejang-dong development breach of trust case, returned from the United States last year and expressed that Lee ‘didn’t even work’ for CEO Lee and he did

Attorney Nam said in an interview when he returned to Korea for a prosecution investigation in October last year, “How many times have I tried to watch that person in 12 years? As for the “I don’t even eat seeds,” he said, “That person’ refers to CEO Lee.” “The words themselves are true. Representative Lee said, ‘Officially’, the seed is not even eaten,” he said.

“The government, a reign of terror that abuses its power… Regression of Democracy”

On this day, CEO Lee also claimed that Yoon Seok-yeol’s government “creates anxiety and fear in all areas of society through indiscriminate search and seizure.”

He said, “People feel fear and anxiety about the power of the state, which should be a warm protector,” and “freedom of speech and expression, which is the basis of democracy, is being violated.”

In addition, he pointed out that “the inspection agencies create anxiety and fear in all areas of our society through indiscriminate search and seizure,” and “people who run companies and businesses are worried about the unexpected tax investigation by the National Tax Service.”

He continued, “The public service society has been frozen by audits and investigations under the guise of an indiscriminate policy audit by the Audit and Inspection Board,” he said, “No one wants to work. Democracy is suffocating in the politics of terror that abuses power,” he said.

He talked about revising the rules surrounding background checks, saying, “Now the National Intelligence Service is also under the shadow of political interference and illegal vetting.”

He added, “Under the guise of a background check, illegal inspections. These scares are reviving,” he said. “I am very concerned about the regression of democracy. We urged the immediate withdrawal of the rules enforcing the background check.”

Correspondent Lee Bo-hee

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