Lee Jae-myung, 7-member bodyguards, won’t take the appointed position when Lee is elected Why?

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On the 24th, the so-called Seven-member Association, a close aide to the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, announced on the 24th that even if Lee was elected president, he would not hold appointments such as prime minister and minister. The intention is to show the will of the ‘electoral heir’ when Lee’s approval rating has stagnated. Some observers also interpret it as oppressing the 86th group, which is a mainstream force in the Democratic Party and is from the movement.

The 7-member group, including Kim Young-jin, secretary-general of the Democratic Party, held a press conference at the Democratic Party’s headquarters in Yeouido-dong, Seoul on the same day and declared, “We will not assume any appointed positions in the Lee Jae-myung government, which the people will choose.” The 7-member Association is Lee’s closest member of parliament: Secretary-General Kim, four-term lawmakers Jeong Seong-ho, Kim Byung-wook, Im Jong-seong, Moon Jin-seok, Min Hyeong-bae, and Kim Nam-guk.

“Regardless of the opposition, the people are disappointed at the shameful appearance of the next government’s struggle for power to occupy the vacant seats in the by-election and local elections.” She frowned at her arrogant appearance.” “As a Democratic Party that calls for party innovation and political reform, I am infinitely ashamed,” he said.

The 7-member group also targeted the Moon Jae-in government. “Even in this government, the chain of salutations, revolving door greetings, and camp greetings could not be broken,” the 7-members group said.

He added, “You should never come back because you contributed to our government in the past, and you should never become a force in managing state affairs without verification of your abilities just because you contributed to the victory in the presidential election.” “We need to plan for the future of the Republic of Korea for the next five years, which will overcome the crisis and transform the economy and society,” he said.

It was interpreted that the 7-member group was targeting the 86th group, the main power in the party, by using the expression ‘a completely new force’ while pointing out the remuneration of the Moon Jae-in government. In the Moon Jae-in administration, key positions were held by members of the 86th group, including Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Yoo Eun-hye and Unification Minister Lee In-young. Ahead of the presidential election, there are also rumors that the 86th group is aiming for the party leader and the mayor of Seoul, both inside and outside the Democratic Party.

The 7-member group said, “Beyond the conservative/progressive camp, beyond the division of my side and the four sides, beyond the region, it should be selected based only on ability and sincerity.” We will give up our vested interests first,” he said.

He continued, “Let’s prepare to recruit talented people beyond factions and values ​​and to be reborn as a completely new ruling power.” “All people, including lawmakers, should work together so that our party can restore the value of fairness and cast off the stigma of being naengnae. must go,” he said.

However, the 7-member Association did not directly mention the 586 resignation theory. Regarding the 586 resignation theory, Democratic Party lawmaker Jeong Seong-ho said, “I didn’t think about it in the first place.

Previously, Kang Hoon-sik, head of strategic planning for the Democratic Party’s election campaign, appeared on the radio and said about the 586 retirement theory, “There is such a trend, and there are quite a few voices of 586 seniors who talk about such flows. .

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