Lee Jae-myung, energized by the ‘party challenge’… ‘friend’ Jeon Jeon-cheol, pressured by ‘not running’

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The Democratic Party of Korea has confirmed the date of the national convention to elect the party leader at the end of August.

In fact, more attention is focused on whether or not Rep. Lee Jae-myung will run for the party leader than when it will be held.

Combining the coverage of the MBC political team, it seems that they are leaning towards running for office, but public opposition is growing within the party.

Reporter Hyo-Jeong Nam reports.

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The Democratic Party of Korea has confirmed the date and location of the national convention to elect a new party leader.

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“On August 28th, the Democratic National Convention will be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.”

The party leader who will be elected this time will have the right to nominate in the 2024 general election.

For Rep. Jae-myung Lee, who is looking forward to the next presidential election, this is an opportunity to solidify the basis for a re-challenge through expansion of power within the party in the nomination.

A key member of the pro-Myung family said, “Rep. Lee has already made up his mind to run for office, but he is weighing the timing of the declaration.”

Rep. Jae-myung Lee said in a phone call with MBC, “Even if you become the representative, it is not important to control the party, but how well you reform and revive the party,” indicating that he is leaning toward running for office.

The variable is public opinion inside and outside the party.

While there are still voices concerned about the ‘challenge of Lee Jae-myung’s party’, 34 re-elected lawmakers openly opposed Lee’s candidacy today.

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“I urge those who are critically responsible for the defeat in the presidential and local elections not to participate in this convention.”

He also urged pro-municipal runners not to run for office, saying that the national convention should not become a battle for power between factions.

Then, the third-term lawmaker Jeon Jeon-cheol, who was a key member of his close relationship, said he would not run for the national convention, saying he agreed with their desperate feelings and purpose.

It is also read as pressure that Rep. Lee Jae-myung should not appear as the pro-moon representative first announced that he would not run for office.

Conflict within the party over Rep. Choi Kang-wook, who was severely punished for sexual harassment allegations, is not fading.

Choi Woo-ho, the chairman of the non-congressional committee, said he would accept the disciplinary action against Choi, but Choi was dissatisfied with the disciplinary action and requested a retrial.

At the workshop for Democratic lawmakers, which will be held for two days and one night starting tomorrow, it is expected that there will be a heated debate over the election evaluation, responsibility, and leadership system.

This is Hyo-Jung Nam from MBC News.

Video coverage: Jang Jae-hyun, Seo Doo-beom / Video editing: Moon Cheol-hak

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