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Lee Jae-myung-Lee Nak-yeon meeting de facto agreement… I’ll see you on the weekend

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Lee Nak-yeon’s side “The two will have a public meeting soon”… Lee Jae-myung’s side “We have vacated our weekend schedule”

If the weekend meeting is held, it will only be about a week or so after the primary… later than in the past

Lee Jae-myung and Lee Nak-yeon shaking hands

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Democratic Party presidential primary candidate Lee Jae-myung shakes hands with Lee Nak-yeon at the Seoul Joint Speech for the 20th Presidential Election Candidates held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th. 2021.10.10 [경기사진공동취재단] [email protected]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Koh Sang-min = Reporter Jung Soo-yeon = It was reported on the 22nd that presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung and former president Lee Nak-yeon, who were competing in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, effectively agreed to hold a bilateral meeting soon.

The specific date and location of the meeting are being adjusted at the last minute, and there is an observation that this weekend is the most likely.

In a phone call with Yonhap News on the same day, an official from Lee’s side said, “I know that the two will meet soon. It is highly likely that the time will be the weekend.” “The meeting will be held in an open manner.”

It is known that the discussion of the meeting, which was not even clear whether it would happen, gained momentum around this morning. Candidate Lee announced at 5:20 pm on the same day that he would resign as governor of Gyeonggi Province on the 25th.

In the past, Candidate Lee has drawn a picture of meeting with former CEO Lee as soon as possible as soon as the state audit is over and making a ‘one-team declaration’.

Through this, the plan was to naturally follow the schedule of resigning as governor, registering as a preliminary candidate, and meeting with President Moon Jae-in.

However, it is true that former CEO Lee and some of his close associates were terrified of rushing the meeting.

However, it is known that a consensus has been formed that it is difficult to postpone the meeting any longer, as the National Inspection is over and the schedule for the establishment of the Party Election Commission is imminent.

An official from the candidate’s side said, “The date of the meeting has not been finalized.”

If candidate Lee and former CEO Lee meet dramatically over the weekend, the two will meet for the first time in about a week since the final election on the 10th.

Candidate Ah is expected to meet with President Moon Jae-in at a time not too late after meeting with former President Lee.

Even considering the three days delay in the declaration of victory by former President Lee due to the controversy over ‘handling of invalid votes’ and the appointment of Governor Lee (the 18th and 20th) of the National Inspection, it is a very late meeting compared to previous Democratic primary elections.

At the time of the 2017 presidential election, President Moon Jae-in visited the residence of then-Chungnam Governor Ahn Hee-jeong in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do and requested support three days after he was selected as the final candidate on April 3. The next day, I met Lee, who was the mayor of Seongnam.

On the 8th of the same month, five days after the primary, four primary candidates, including President Moon, gathered in one place to have a ‘wheat meeting’ and shouted, “We are one team.”

During the 2012 primary, President Moon had a breakfast meeting with then-contestant Sohn Hak-gyu, a competitor at the time, and requested cooperation within six days after the election.

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