Lee Jae-myung, who recruited Chae Yi-bae, criticized “Kim Jong-in’s fake economy democratization”

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung criticized Kim Jong-in, chairman of the People’s Power General Election Commission, as a fake economic democratization, who pulled out after mentioning support for 100 trillion won in the budget for responding to infectious diseases. At the same time, he ordered Chae Yi-bae, a former member of the People’s Party (Bareun Mirae Party), who joined the Democratic Party, to come up with a real economic democratization policy.

Former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae said that although candidate Lee Jae-myung did not score 100 points, he would emphasize a fair economy rather than the economic policy of the Moon Jae-in government, which was biased toward innovative growth.

Candidate Jae-myung Lee made a strong criticism against Chairman Kim Jong-in at the entrance ceremony of the Democratic Party of Korea by former and current Bareun Mirae Party lawmakers such as Kim Kwan-young and Chae Yi-bae held at the central party of the Democratic Party of Korea on the morning of the 10th. Candidate Lee said, “Politics should not be a sacrament of useless words that cannot be kept just to win the vote of the people.” “Politics must be put into practice.” Candidate Lee said, “The People’s Power brought up the talk of 100 trillion won support, but when we said we should discuss practical implementation plans, he took a step back. If I am elected next year, I will do it. Conversely, if I am not elected, I will not. There is a very high possibility that I will not do it now. I will do it. Wouldn’t that be economic democratization?” he asked.

Candidate Lee said to former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae, who announced his entry into the party on the same day, “I want former lawmaker Chae to make a real economic democratization policy.” I know that a lot of preparations have already been made for the 100 trillion won support policy, so please announce concrete plans soon on how to make 100 trillion won support possible right now.”

▲ Former National People’s Party lawmaker Chae Yi-bae announces her opinion at the entrance ceremony for the Democratic Party held at the central party of the Democratic Party of Korea on the morning of the 10th. Photo = Video capture of the Democratic Party of Korea

On the same day, former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae said, “I will continue to engage in politics to create a fair economic ecosystem. Former lawmaker Chae said, “The power of the people, who have no interest in economic democratization, has appointed Kim Jong-in, the general president of the election, only for the election. We take this opportunity to ask Chairman Kim Jong-in for an open discussion on Kim Jong-in’s economic democratization and Chae Yi-bae’s economic democratization.”

Regarding the Moon Jae-in administration’s economic policy, former lawmaker Chae said, “I have a lot of regrets. I expected that the fair economy policy would be good, but it was not.” He pointed out, “As an opposition member of the National Assembly, I presented constructive criticism and rational alternatives, but it was not reflected well.” He said, “It was just my content and thought that candidate Lee Jae-myung announced his SME policy two days ago and said that there is no creativity, innovation, and growth in an unfair economic structure. I will make it,” he said.

However, he did not talk about specific chaebol reform issues such as the issue of the parole of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong and restrictions on re-employment, which can be viewed as economic democratization and fair economy problems.

Previously, candidate Lee Jae-myung argued during the Lee Jae-yong parole debate in July, saying, “A pardon is opposed, but if the parole requirements are met, it should not be excluded.” I just made a brief mention in my name and moved on. The Lee Jae-myung camp said, “It is Lee Jae-myung’s usual idea that he should not be given special favors or disadvantages because he is a chaebol and that it should be fair. , I hope that you will show us how to renew.”

On the other hand, former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae, who joined today, said in a Facebook comment on August 10, “The Moon Jae-in government has given up on fairness and the rule of law. The Democratic Party’s comments (‘respect for the Justice Ministry’s decision’) are also speculative.”

Former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae, after the entrance ceremony on the 10th, talked about the behavior of the Democratic Party and politicians, including Candidate Jae-myung Lee, in relation to Lee Jae-yong’s parole in a phone call with Media Today on the 10th. Seeing Samsung mentioned how to do vaccines, he pointed out, “I have been criticized for leaving such a country to the chaebol while not playing the role that it should play.” Former lawmaker Chae explained, “I don’t think it’s 100 points,” and “we have no choice but to talk relatively.”

Former lawmaker Chae said, “What the candidate said about Chairman Kim Jong-in was frankly speaking of Chairman Kim Jong-in’s economic democratization, but it did not play a role. In a way, Chairman Kim Jong-in is talking alone. It’s not what the candidates will do. In that sense, it is fake and has no substance.”

Former lawmaker Chae said, “I joined the Democratic Party, so I will criticize if there are any shortcomings. I tried to move forward even a little bit, and I said that Lee Jae-myung was lacking in that area, but I will try my best to go one step further.”



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