Lee Jae-myung’s Indefinite Hunger Strike: A National Struggle Against Incompetence and Violence

Lee Jae-myung’s Hunger Strike Draws Support from Opposition Leaders

SEOUL – In a powerful display of solidarity, eight opposition leaders visited Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung, who is currently on a hunger strike, to offer their encouragement. The visit took place on the third day of Lee’s hunger strike, in front of the National Assembly headquarters.

Among those who showed their support was Chairman Lee Boo-young of the Free Press Foundation. Speaking to the press, he said, “As we witness this desperate act and raise our voices, the people will understand the gravity of the situation we are facing.”

During their visit, the opposition leaders expressed their hope that Lee’s hunger strike would serve as a catalyst for the development of democracy and the strengthening of the Democratic Party in the country. Lee, in response, thanked them for their support and committed to continuing his hunger strike while addressing the issues they raised.

Adding to the growing support, Chung Cheong-rae, a member of the Supreme Council aligned with Lee Jae-myung, participated in a one-day sympathy fast in solidarity with Lee’s hunger strike. In a video message posted on social media, Chung announced that two more members would continue the fast in the following days.

The hunger strike, which Lee initiated on the first anniversary of his inauguration, aims to raise awareness about what he perceives as the incompetence and violence of the current regime. Lee’s hunger tent, set up in front of the National Assembly headquarters, has become a focal point of public attention.

The opposition leaders’ visit further highlights the growing support for Lee’s cause, as citizens across the nation continue to monitor the situation closely.

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Lee Jae-myung’s hunger strike

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Shin Joon-hee = Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung is holding a hunger strike in front of the National Assembly headquarters on the afternoon of the 31st. In a press conference on the first anniversary of his inauguration, CEO Lee began an indefinite hunger strike, saying, “I will begin a national struggle against the incompetent and violent regime.” 2023.8.31

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Seol Seung-eun = Eight opposition elders visited, including Chairman Lee Boo-young of the Free Press Foundation, Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myeong, who is on hunger strike for the third a day later. the 2nd, to encourage them.

They visited President Lee’s “hunger tent” in front of the National Assembly headquarters and said, “As we stare at the cliff and shout, the people will sympathize with how serious the situation will be,” said the Party Democratic.

They said, “I hope Lee’s fast will be an opportunity to develop democracy and strengthen the Democratic Party in our country.”

Representative Lee expressed his gratitude for this and replied, “I will continue my hunger strike keeping in mind the issues that have been requested.”

Chung Cheong-rae, a pro-myung (pro-Lee Jae-myung) member of the Supreme Council, took part in the ‘one-day sympathy fast’ in support of Lee’s hunger strike that day.

In a video posted on social media that day, High Commissioner Jeong shared the news of his condolence fast and said, “Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, High Commissioners Park Chan-dae and Seo Young-gyo will continue ( along with fasting). “

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