Lee Jae-yong to discuss ARM acquisition with Son Jeong-eui next month

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong said, “Chairman Son Jeong-eui will come to Seoul next month, and he will probably make such an M&A proposal then.” Analysis is that Vice Chairman Lee is very likely to start acquiring ARM in earnest.

When asked if there was a meeting to acquire ARM, a British semiconductor fabless (semiconductor design asset company), at the Gimpo Business Aviation Center in Seoul on the 21st, Vice Chairman Lee said, “There was no meeting with ARM management. ” Vice Chairman Lee directly mentioned ARM as the target of major mergers and acquisitions (M&A) announced by Samsung Electronics.

ARM is a global super company that creates the most critical design assets (IP) for semiconductor manufacturing. ARM’s largest shareholder is SoftBank (75% SoftBank, 25% Vision Fund), led by Chairman Son Jeong-eui.

As for the rumors of a promotion to president within the year, Vice Chairman Lee avoided an immediate answer, saying, “The company seems to be doing well.”

When asked how he felt about the business trip, he said, “The main purpose of this business trip is to encourage employees who work hard for the company and for our country.” He continued, “I was going to London as a special envoy (to host Busan Expo 2030), but the Queen died and the schedule changed a bit.

Vice Chairman Lee left on the 6th to host the ‘2030 Busan World Expo’ and to manage overseas business sites, and completed a 15-day business trip in Latin America and the UK.

Correspondent Bae Seong-soo/Park Shin-young baebae@hankyung.com

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