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Lee Jae-yong, who was selected for parole review… Controversy over ‘appropriateness’ during trial

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Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is imprisoned for the National Nongdan case. However, there are rumors that he could be released on parole on Liberation Day. The main reason is that the Ministry of Justice lowered the parole standard so that Vice Chairman Lee can also be considered. However, Vice Chairman Lee is on trial in another case. That’s why the opinion that parole is inappropriate.

Correspondent Lee Seo-joon.


Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is currently on parole review.

[박범계/법무부 장관 (오늘 / 국회 법제사법위원회) : 8·15 가석방을 하려고 지금 그런 지침을 갖고 있습니다. 특정인에 대한 가석방 여부에 대해서는 제가 왈가왈부할 사안은 아니라고…]

Today (22nd), the National Assembly Judiciary Committee talked about ‘the people’s legal feelings’ as questions about Vice Chairman Lee continued.

[박범계/법무부 장관 (오늘 / 국회 법제사법위원회) : 사회적 평가 또는 공익 또는 다른 표현으로 하면 법감정 이런 부분에 대한 심사도 기준에 넣어서 다뤄져야 한다고 생각합니다.]

The Ministry of Justice has also lowered the parole standards starting this year.

In the meantime, you had to fulfill 80% of your sentence to be eligible for parole, but it was lowered to 60%.

Vice Chairman Lee is currently imprisoned for the National Nongdan case, and coincidentally, he meets the 60% standard just before parole.

The Ministry of Justice’s parole guidelines stipulate, “If there is a case under investigation or trial, the opinions of the court and the prosecution should be reflected in the preliminary examination.”

Vice Chairman Lee is currently on trial on suspicion of an unfair merger between Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries.

Like the Gukjeong Nongdan trial, it is a trial related to the succession of management rights.

However, we have not yet sought an opinion on the parole of Vice Chairman Lee from the relevant investigation team.

[김남근/변호사 : 이런 중요한 형사재판을 앞두고 있는 사람에게 가석방 허가를 내준다면 일반인에 비해서는 특혜가 아니냐…]

Justice Party lawmaker Shim Sang-jung and former lawmaker Chae Yi-bae also criticized, saying, “The trial on the same issue is ongoing, but parole is inappropriate.”

About 780 intellectuals and civic groups Kyungsilyeon also issued a statement of opposition.

On the other hand, there are voices calling for a special pardon rather than parole in the business world.

Minister Park drew a line saying it is difficult to amnesty on Liberation Day.

[박범계/법무부 장관 (오늘 / 국회 법제사법위원회) : 제가 사면심사위원장인데 현재까지 대통령님 뜻 받지 못했습니다. 시기적으로는 지금 불가능하지 않을까 생각합니다.]

The Ministry of Justice’s position is that lowering the parole standard is a measure to relieve overcrowding in prisons regardless of Vice Chairman Lee.

(Video design: Lee Jung-Hye)

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