Lee Jang-won of Peppertones Announces Surprise Retirement Due to Vocal Cord Nodules

Lee Jang-won’s Peppertones Surprises Fans with Retirement Announcement

In a surprising turn of events, Lee Jang-won, member of the popular music group Peppertones, has announced his retirement. The news was revealed in a video posted on singer Bae Da-hae’s YouTube channel, ‘Dahaeun Dahae’. Titled ‘The Most Beautiful Part of the Body Revealed! Lee Jang-won Quits Coffee’, the video shows Bae Da-hae and Lee Jang-won visiting an otolaryngology clinic.

During the visit, Bae Da-hae disclosed that the clinic holds a special place in her heart as her brother has been a deacon of the choir there. When asked about her relationship with Lee Jang-won, she playfully mentioned that despite the slight age difference, they are practically siblings. Meanwhile, Lee Jang-won focused on grooming himself and amusingly admitted his interest in looking good.

As part of the examination, Bae Da-hae underwent a thorough vocal cord check. To everyone’s relief, the results showed no major concerns, and she even joked about using her voice for another 30 years. The attending physician praised her for maintaining good vocal cord health, noting some congestion but assuring that it is under control.

However, the focus shifted when Lee Jang-won received his diagnosis of vocal cord nodules. Unlike typical cases where nodules appear on both sides, Lee Jang-won only had nodules on one side. Amused by Lee Jang-won’s sudden gloominess, Bae Da-hae lightened the mood by teasing him about his dark demeanor. In response, Lee Jang-won startled everyone with his statement about considering retirement due to the vocal cord nodules.

Later, over a meal, Bae Da-hae reassured Lee Jang-won that his condition is not severe and there is no need for despondency. She emphasized that he only needs to talk less, while singing would not be affected. Her words brought laughter to the table, lifting Lee Jang-won’s spirits.

In other news, Bae Da-hae and Lee Jang-won tied the knot in 2021, adding more joy to their fans’ lives.

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[OSEN=김채연 기자] Lee Jang-won’s Peppertones announced his surprise retirement.

On the 3rd, a new video was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Dahaeun Dahae’ operated by singer Bae Da-hae with the title ‘The most beautiful part of the body revealed! and Jang Won-ri voluntarily stopped drinking coffee.’

On this day, Bae Da-hae and Lee Jang-won visited an otolaryngology clinic and waited. Bae Da-hae said, “This is where I’ve been going since I was 20, and he was the deacon of the choir. Actually, it’s my brother. “Because the age difference is not that much,” he said.

At this time, Lee Jang-won was straightening his hair next to Bae Da-hae, and when Bae Da-hae burst out laughing, he said, “I’m only interested in looking pretty.”

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Bae Da-hae, who underwent full-scale treatment, had a vocal cord examination. Contrary to the concerns, Bae Da-hae said, “Can I use it for another 30 years?” “I need to write some more,” he joked. The attending physician praised the patient, saying, “There appears to be congestion in the vocal cords, but it appears to be well controlled.”

Next, Jangwon Lee was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. Nodules usually come in pairs, but Lee Jang-won only has nodules on one side. When Bae Da-hae asked Lee Jang-won, who suddenly became silent, “Why are you so dark?” Lee Jang-won made everyone laugh by making a shocking statement, “I think I have to retire because I have a vocal cord. nodule.”

Next, they both went to eat, and when Lee Jang-won was depressed, Bae Da-hae said, “You don’t have to be depressed. “It’s not even that big a nodule,” he said. “Talk less.” You said you don’t have to take medicine. “There’s no problem with singing, just talking less,” he emphasized, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Bae Da-hae and Lee Jang-on got married in 2021.


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